Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RAP's Tim Turner & NESARA videos with highlights,audios & signing up to RAP

RAP Restore America Plan (left) & NESARA (right)

TIM TURNER SEMINAR APRIL 2009 8 PARTS 15 HRS on google video &/or download here

also in an 88 youtube playlist here while the embeded player above will only go to 50 when you click on the playlist icon to right of play button.

HIGHLIGHTS of the 8 x 2hr (approx) parts 1-3 Intro on the Fraud that is the US CORPORATION vs Republic 4-REPUBLIC assemblies birthing the Restore America Plan, Freedom docs Sect1-UCC-1 & Secured Party 5-Becoming toxic with Liens & affidavits of negative averments, Financial docs SECT2-accepted for value A4V/discharging debts 6-Bonds 7-Republic assemblies & county rangers, affidavit of negative averments, notices, Liens 8-forms. The youtubes above have more specific descriptions to each 10min youtube video in the title. Learn more from Tim Turner's talkshoes Alumni for the pros and America Can Be Free and talkshoe clips all categorised ie AFV, Liens, Bonds etc from the many talkshoes for $20/mth at SIGN-UP as a RAP supporter at and tell everyone you know and if you can who you don't know. Invite the new people to get more info from RAP INFO CALLS also sign-up at

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