Monday, July 26, 2010

7-26 Restore America Plan Tim Turner's announcement might be today I guess.Lets imagine how we would feel.Feeling is the prayer remember

I have always been thinking Monday bank holiday and Tuesday announcement day and have noted this previously around end of May, and June, and do so now on record again. We heard Tim Turner sat last Wednesday on Waking Up in America [see in previous blog and youtubes] that he would do a media release within afew days. I also said on my talkshoe yesterday that Obama is being given a chance to do some announcements in order to redeem himself and an act of kindness and forgiveness by the White Knights. I saw this with Al Gore and Bill Clinton 8-8-2009 with the release of the 2 ladies from North Korea here in my youtube titled

Bush stopped by US Marshals from withdrawing Stolen US Treasury Funds at WAustralian Bank 2009-8-8
But unfortunately with all I have followed with Obama I highly doubt he would take up the offer. So that means a slight delay which would also take us to when? Today as Tim Turner said afew days on Wednesday midday, which would be Monday if going by work days.

Now according to Sheldan Nidle on below titled
Landings 101 Sheldan Nidle GFL Pre-Landing Scenarios
1-delivery of prosperity funds
2-Replace U.S. government
3-abolish IRS and Federal Reserve

And there have been rumors of prosperity funds being delivered in the US already. So with that today maybe the day if not any day now. Hold that energy and do not get upset or think it is never going to happen because it is and will happen when the energy is right. You can and are participating in allowing this to happen by simply imagining it happening and how you would feel when it happens. Feeling is the prayer. Never forget it. Always be mindful of your feelings and how they come from your thoughts. So if you want to change how you feel simply change what you are thinking about. The powers that where (no longer the powers that be (TPTB)) the old world disorder (never really the New World Order (NWO)) where never in control, but only of the illusion, the infowar/psychological warfare/propaganda. We let ourselves be deceived and cause harm to each other. The Truth shall set you free. That is life and spiritual evolution for those that learn from their experiences.

My girl friend also says it it perfect timing according to astrology here
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ET Contactee Sheldan Nidle GFL Representative
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