Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7-14 Red Alert Gulf news: Military road blocks. S La people leaving

July 14, 12:53 AM Human Rights Examiner Deborah Dupre'

A rapid military build-up and an unconfirmed road-block maneuver is being conducted, along with a visible exodus of residents in the Barataria Bay area of Jefferson Parish in South Louisiana. This news from Intel Hub coincides with the new military rule gently broken to the public, of having to obtain from the military and carry papers in the region, starting with reporters and photographers, a psyop squarely focusing on "public victory" rather than covert military take-over in the Gulf and martial law in the region.

South Louisiana residents who have seen hurricane emergency operations for decades say they have "never seen anything like the military build-up or this kind of road blocks."

People are still allowed to leave on their own accord. The road blocks are for people attempting to travel in according Project Gulf Impact's reports.

Moving trucks are no longer available in South Louisiana due to the exodus according to reports coming into Intel Hub Radio.

For many, the time has come to fit belongings into the car and leave - those with vehicles.

Matt Smith, head of Project Gulf Impact says nine people recently called to tell him that they are leaving, He reported that this is all disturbing based on what's been happening in the past 72 hours in South Louisiana.

At midnight, the military moved into the Baratarria Bay area and immediately began setting up the road blocks.

Sunday evening after a call to his radio listeners for 'intel soldiers' to phone in information, Intel Hub Radio host Shepard Ambellas received calls from military personnel reporting they have seen a massive build up of combat troops, heavy combat equipment and weaponry including Active Denial Systems.

That BP's new cap being trialled could cause the well head to blow, to rupture from extra pressure, and cause more devastation at the same time of the sudden military presence is too disturbing for locals who are moving out.

"Of course they'll give some 'Simple Simon' excuses for the military and the road-blocks.

"Either we are going to see masses of people getting sick or a mass evacuation.

Smith says, "These people reporting this have lived here all of their lives and say this is is very out-of-the ordinary.

"One woman said it looks like Afghanistan down there."

HAARP has been activated in the Gulf according to ELF readings Ambellas reports.

"We are not conspiracy theorists. We've just been gathering facts that keep coming in. Things are so bizarre down here. Out sources are extremely reliable," said Smith who mentioned a couple of times that the news is not delivered to frighten people, but to help them prepare.

Smith and his co-worker find the large number of Navy vessels and troops sent to Costa Rica (supposedly to help with the drug war) is disturbing, especially considering that they are moving out "this quickly and coinciding with BP's new cap."

"If the new cap does work, the pressure inside could cause a rupture and cause much worse destruction."

This is an extremely delicate situation. People need to pay attention to this, reported Smith.

Stay tuned to Intel Hub Radio for Gulf interviews and inside information updates on the greatest humanitarian catastrophy in recorded history ushering into the United States a military take-over.

Want to extend compassion required for Gulf Coast region victims to survive? Please See: 10 Gulf humanitarian aid and self-help projects

Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival." Dalai Lama

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