Friday, July 16, 2010

Druanna already healed talkshoe meditation 821pdt tonight in 30 mins (& tomorrow) as recovering from heart attack

Hi all
Please send this to all who know Druanna and I will do another talkshoe same time tomorrow.

I thought this would help greatly the power of numbers becomes squared ie 1=1, 2=4,3=9,4=16,5=25,6=36,7=49,8=
64,81,10=100 with the power of our energy and simple wave addition math as explained by Dr John Hagelin (who was on What the Bleep) in his many videos at ie feeling power of creation which includes healing so I wanted to allow us all to come together to do this asap for Dru's sake. If you do not know Dru is in San Diego Naval hospital after a heart attack. I have been informed from the Nanni verbally Quintin that this is so minutes ago after being informed from another friend from Dru's Sovereign Warriors and Credit Diamond Network in Arizona. Quintin has my skype and email now and agreed to send our blessings and keep me informed. Please join me in 30 mins if you can or do it in your own way and time as it all helps. Dru has not been attempted to get taken out by the dark with a microwave weapon or the like that are known to cause these problems. We do not suspect that anymore so please do not think that. You know I know about their tricks and more so please rest assured it was not the dark trying to take her out. My talkshoe linked below will not have a schedule for this show as it is too late to schedule it ie the same day. I will start the call in 30 mins ie 15 past so you can join in then. To learn how to talk for free online see my instructions in my youtube channel linked below on the left under my pic or also here below.

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Examples of Science of Miracles, Law of Attraction/Manifestation/Creation, power or mediation/prayer below 4 embeds of youtubes/playlists coming
Power of Visualization/Meditation/Feeling is the Prayer Science of Miracles

Science of Miracles - Cancer disappears in 3min Gregg Braden
Cancer dissolves with the help of belief and 3 practitioners chanting already gone already healed in part 6 at 3min. Rain making part 5 at 3min 30s.
I have been testing the 4th mode of prayer out since watching this 2 years ago and been getting very positive results with rain to financial and ufos some of which i share with here

July 28-29 2009 Fire the Grid 2 Worldwide Meditation


  1. Good job on talkshoe and thanks!

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  3. thanks for joining in on the talkshoe show. I can't wait to here from Dru to see if anything happened and if she had an OBE lol