Sunday, July 18, 2010

7-17 Druanna's Heart episode blog 9hrs ago on CDN

My Heart Episode Yesterday and Monday
Published by: Druanna on 17th Jul 2010 | View all blogs by Druanna
Hello everyone! As you all know that I had a couple heart episodes this week. Ive had this heart issues since 2008 and doctors cannot find out what it is. I was in the hospital for 8-9 hours last night hoping to find out the problem, but as always with arythmia it is very hard to pin point it unless I have a holter monitor AGAIN! I have been overly stressed with so many projects at once that I realize I can only do so much by myself. So I am instead going to put most of my energy into this group but may have to reschedule the private calls. On Thursday Nights Im going to schedule the A4V night and Presentment Night together as they both need eachother instead of doing it on Sunday nights. On Tuesday night I will instead do the Mastermind calls at 6pm pdt and 9pm EDT. :)

Wednesday nights I still want to have the blogtalk radio show. I will see how I am doing this week.

I am feeling much better now at the moment. Thank you for your prayers and Thank you Scott for getting a Talkshoe for my healing That is super sweet of you. Thank you for all you do my friend.

I posted a CAFV example as well for those who are interested. WIll be posting alot more later tonight. :)

Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend

Love Druanna

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