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DR Livingston's website from 2002 link fixed

DR Livingston's website from 2002.

I think this is 1 Tim Turner was not wanting to associate himself with in that last blog 8-26 call.

8-29 Amazing UFO video supports claim of alien base inside Mt Adams, Washington

Amazing UFO video supports claim of alien base inside Mt Adams, Washington

  • August 29th, 2010 7:24 am HADT
Screenshot of UFO passing trees at ECETI Retreat - approx 50-75 meters away
Photo: ECETI


On August 13, live video was taken of a UFO that emerged out of Mt Adams, Washington State, and flew in the vicinity of 15 people at a private retreat at nearby Trout Lake. According to James Gilliland, owner of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) Retreat, he saw the UFO emerge from what he claims to be a massive ‘interdimensional door” at Mt Adams that is seen as a point of light on the video. The object flew approximately 13 miles towards Gilliland’s ECETI retreat. At one point, the object was only 26 feet above the ground and roughly 50-75 meters away. Gilliland claims that the object is at the very least a UFO, but may be an interdimensional being capable of moving through solid three dimensional objects.

In a phone interview on August 26, Gilliland explained to me that he was filming near the vicinity of the ‘interdimensional’ door at Mt Adams which during the day appears to be a large lava cliff formation on the southern side of Mt Adams. He said the door is “right square in the middle of the mountain.” He said he has earlier traveled up Mt Adams to find it, but “cannot even find a trace” (see slide show for location). At night, Gilliland claims the interdimensional door becomes active and he regularly views UFOs entering into or coming out of what believes is an underground extraterrestrial base. To support his claims, he regularly takes videos of UFOs in the area.

His ECETI Retreat has become best known due to an annual conference where several hundred participants attend evening sky watching sessions. Gilliland’s most recent Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference was held over the July 4 holiday weekend, and hundreds witnessed spectacular UFO sightings. Recently, Gilliland began using an iGen NV20/20 Infrared Camera and was hoping to catch on film anything that emerged from the mysterious door into Mt Adams.

Gilliland explained that he was studying the area near the door with a group of 15 participating in the sky watching event, then an object, according to Gilliland and witnesses, it came out of the door. This is how he described what happened: “We were filming the door, and the door was opening. Then we moved [looked] over to the right side of the mountain. We left the camera running… What happened is that Dwanna [Taul] and I were looking at the mountain and we saw something. And I looked over the camera and you could see it real clear in the camera. So I jumped up and grabbed the camera and filmed it coming right at us.” I asked where the object emerged from in relation to the door, and Gilliland replied: “it looked like it came all the way out of the mountain, out of the door.” I asked Gilliland what color the UFO was when he was looking at it with the naked eye, and he described it as a white light. On the video, it appears as a green light that pulses in intensity and fluctuates in sizes. The UFO traveled an estimated 13 miles before reaching the ECETI retreat, where it made a 90 degree turn towards the West. It then flew in front of some trees before disappearing.

In the latter portions of the video, one sees some kind of rotating field around the object. Jon Kelly, the Vancouver UFO Examiner, succinctly describes what is seen: “In the video, the UFO is shown to roll and tumble during flight. Numerous appendages extend and retract back into a central luminous body. The appendages appear to contain bubbles of dark matter constrained as if by magnetic lines of force creating shapes something like the petals on a flower.” The fluctuating magnetic lines, according to Gilliland, is a sign that it was some kind of interdimensional being able to move through different dimensions.

In an interview with Jon Kelly, the Vancouver UFO Examiner, Gilliland said: “The object has a real strange energy field around it. It's much bigger, much brighter than any of the light spheres or orbs that we're filming. You can tell it's under some kind of intelligent control. The fields of energy coming off of it are phenomenal. At minimum it's a UFO. At maximum it's a[n] ultradimensional being."

Gilliland’s claim of an “interdimensional door” into a base at Mt Adam’s is not as far fetched as it sounds. In the early 1980s, Paul Bennewitz, an electronics wizard, was able to take high speed daytime photos of what appeared to be a UFO entering through what appears to be an interdimensional door at the side of the Archeluta Mesa near the town of Dulce New Mexico. The “interdimensional door”, similar to Gilliland claim in the Mt Adams case, was on the side of a sheer cliff face and looked to be solid rock. The photos taken by Bennewitz (see slide show) show some kind of UFO that moves into the cliff face door. Bennewitz claimed the photo and electronic data he had earlier taken were evidence of an underground alien base at Dulce. Bennewitz’s claims were supported by other whistleblowers. At a 2009 conference at Dulce, conclusive evidence was presented of an underground base at Dulce.


Click here to see video, and click here to see video interview with James Gilliland.

Further reading:
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Intention experiments, interdimensional UFOs, and multi-dimensional beings converge at Mt. Adams WA”

Skywatching at Sattva Sanctuary, the 2006 ECETI Conference & Galactic Peace Sanctuaries

Special Notice: James Gilliland will be a featured speaker at the 5th Annual Earth Transformation Conference: Igniting the Inner Spark, Dec 29 to Jan 2, 2011. Website:

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Slideshow: UFOs traveling into Archuleta Mesa, Dulce, New Mexico



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Changing Your Reality videos added to Sacred Wisdom Sounds channel and TYWK playlist


8-27 Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures


Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures

Friday, August 27, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)

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(NaturalNews) Although it's still summer in North America, it is of course winter in Australia, and the flu season is well under way there. As usual, Australian health authorities have been urging parents there to vaccinate their children against the flu, propagating the mythology that flu vaccines are both safe and effective. But this time around, many Australian parents found out the hard way that they were being lied to.

It didn't take long to realize the truth after their children start going into convulsions following the flu vaccine injections. Other children began vomiting or exhibiting dangerously high levels of fever. One child has gone into a coma and may never recover.

As reported in WA Today (

"Perth mother of two Bea Flint said her 11-month-old boy Avery had a seizure after receiving the first dose of the two-dose flu vaccination on Saturday. Mrs Flint said that after the 9am vaccination she noticed Avery had a minor temperature about 2pm. At 7.45pm, Avery started whimpering and moaning. When Mrs Flint got to his cot the baby had vomited and was lying on his side having a seizure. 'He couldn't cry - his head was hanging down in the car seat and he couldn't move. I was petrified - it was one of the worst experiences of my life."

The story goes on to say, "The doctor who treated Avery told Mrs Flint her baby was the fifth child with similar symptoms admitted to the hospital that day."

In other words, this was no rare event. Vaccinated children suffering severe convulsions were piling up in hospital emergency rooms across the country.

The real kicker, though, is that children started having convulsions two weeks ago but Australian health authorities ignored them, insisting that the vaccine was safe and causing it to be injected in yet more babies. Two weeks later, with dozens more children experiencing convulsions (and who knows how many thousands actually being harmed in less obvious ways), Commonwealth chief health officer Professor Jim Bishop finally announced the vaccination ban.

Remember: Health authorities in Australia, UK, the United States and everywhere else have relentlessly insisted that flu vaccines are perfectly safe and can't possibly harm anyone. In the U.S., the FDA has given its approval to the very same flu vaccine that's harming children in Australia, and the CDC has insisted that all children in the USA -- regardless of age -- should now be injected with this very same flu vaccine.

So now we've got a vaccine that Australia has banned but the USA somehow says is safe enough to inject into a six-month-old infant. How many convulsing babies will it take in the U.S. before American parents realize the truth about flu vaccines?

Chemically induced convulsions

As you're reading this, you may find yourself wonder, "Well, what could cause such convulsions in children?"

The answer is more terrifying than you might think, because it's not "weakened flu viruses" that vaccine manufacturer claim they put into the vaccines. A weakened flu virus doesn't send children into convulsions. Only a chemical can do that.

The chemical in question is one that's routinely added to most vaccines as a way to aggravate the immune system to respond to the presence of the weakened virus. It's called an "adjuvant" and consists of a highly inflammatory chemical that we now know may damage brain tissues and the nervous system. It is this adjuvant that most likely caused the convulsions in children.

Even in children who don't experience convulsions, there is speculation that this adjuvant may lead to future Alzheimer's disease or other neurological disorders. Vaccine manufacturers always attempt to downplay their use of adjuvant chemicals, and few media outlets focus on this important point, but it is the adjuvant that is most likely responsible for sending these Australian children into hospitals with convulsions.

Health authorities defend dangerous vaccine

One thing I've noticed about vaccine pushers is that they behave like irrational zealots. No matter how much evidence surfaces about the dangers of vaccines, they continue to mindlessly push them while ignoring the evidence.

A pediatric professor in Australia, Dr Peter Richmond, admitted that researchers were trying to figure out if the entire vaccine was dangerous, or if there was just a bad batch. But even before getting the answer to this question, he goes on to say that everybody over the age of five should go ahead and get injected with this same vaccine! (

In other words, he's so convinced the vaccine is safe -- even after dozens of children were obviously harmed by it -- that he's still pushing the same dangerous vaccine onto everybody else!

This is precisely the kind of attitude reflected across the vaccine industry. Reports of children being harmed, or paralyzed, or hospitalized by vaccines are always written off as "coincidence." The mounting evidence is simply thrown out the window because it conflicts with the pro-vaccine agenda.

Can you imagine the outrage if an herbal product sent fifty kids to the hospital suffering from convulsions? Health authorities across the world would be quick to condemn the product, and they'd confiscate it right off the shelves while shutting down the operations of its manufacturer. But somehow when a vaccine does the same thing, these same health authorities urge people to keep on injecting their children with it!

It makes no sense. But then again, the vaccine industry was never based on rational thinking in the first place. If health authorities were truly rational, they'd be handing out vitamin D supplements to children instead of injecting them with vaccines, because vitamin D has been scientifically proven to provide better protection against the flu than vaccines. (

Of course, to ask health authorities to make rational decisions is sort of like asking politicians to start telling the truth. In the complicated world of profits and politics, rational, honest thinking just doesn't get any traction. It's far more profitable to keep lying to the world and raking in billions of dollars each year off dangerous vaccines, even as they continue to harm innocent children.

I often wonder... How many dead children will it take before parents wake up and realize that flu vaccines are dangerous? The answer may surprise you: Even a million dead children won't change the minds of most parents because they just do whatever they're told by health authorities, even if it makes no rational sense.

Most parents are so brainwashed by the medical system that they would gladly line up to have their babies injected with chemotherapy if they were told it was somehow necessary.

At some point, the parents whose babies are being harmed or potentially even killed by these vaccines can only blame themselves. They were the ones who brought their babies to be injected with a chemical adjuvant and viral fragments, and they should know better than to trust the government when it comes to health advice. The government, after all, still says that pharmaceutical chemicals are good for you while vitamins, herbs and natural remedies are dangerous. And it's the government that approved the very vaccines that are right now sending these children to the hospital.

Any parent that trusts the government with the health of their child is setting themselves up for catastrophe. And that catastrophe could very well cost them the life of their child.

Additional sources for this story include:

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8-26 Restore America Plan – Regan Dwayne Has No Solution by RJ Morning

many thanks and blessings to Carol for emailing me this

On Friday Aug 20th Regan Dwayne called for a Conference for RAP leaders across America. Finally, we are beginning to recognize what Regan is up to. Regan appears to want Martial Law in place across America.

It appears that Regan Dwayne and Tom Shaults want to abandon the De Jure Grand Juries and adopt a whole new Militia system for America. Here is the unedited Conference Call audio from Friday night Aug 20th. This Militia and Assembly program is not what over 1,350 Americans signed up for, with Sam Kennedy.

Regan Dwayne
Tue Aug 24, 2010
Subject; Martial Law and Assemblies is No Solution

Regan Dwayne and Tom are trying to Lead the De Jure Juries a whole new direction. On Fri Aug 20th Regan gave this Conference Call for some of the Jury members across America. This is the actual Audio Link to that lecture by Regan.

Be sure to listen to the link of Sunday night Aug 22, 2010 with Tim Turner. This Tim Turner link is on the bottom of this article. Listen and then ask yourself, who is Serving America and who is not.

As the Restore America Plan began there were 4 Guardian Elders. Sam Kennedy walked away. Regan and Tom are now trying to take the Juries in a whole different direction. Tim Turner is now doing his best to Finish what we Began.

***This is the unedited version of the Friday night delivery of the call. The EDITED call was put on NESRA this weekend is MISSING SOME VERY IMPORTANT information.

Regan’s Call on Friday Night:

1. First 35-40 min: Regan discussing what the New plan is.

2. Fear was used at first. FEAR is the greatest seller of anything….

3. The problem and the fraud of the dead.

4. No real fast immediate solution….just lots more of education and work and assembling and teaching of what went wrong and how it must be to be right and if you support his method and have faith and the promises of many new things that he will surely discover yet if we are patient ….that we can benefit from it as times moves on.

5. What it seems like they are proposing. Putting out a new plan where the militias are running everything. I can’t answer that for sure, but that is what I am gathering.

6. Questions: Around the 41 minute and 45 seconds mark. Charles Wright starts asking questions. When CW was almost to his last question he was cut off and he could not get back onto the call from his line. He calls Kelby Smith to request to get on the call. Kelby conferences him on the call. Mind you. What you start hearing after this is CW and Carol (2 bodies whom were on the executive committee and on every executive committee call) have comments (in the background) on Kelby’s cell line about the stuff that Regan and others are saying.

7. Around 2 hours 6 minutes and 50 seconds mark. Kelby Smith starts asking questions.

8. Around 2 hours 18 minutes and 30 seconds, while Kelby Smith is asking a question calmly, Regan Reedy says mute this “F…r” off of the call.

***Sunday Nights Call from Regan:

***Tim Turner Response to call from Friday and Sunday nights: 712-432-1085 Playback #: 379617#

Press 6 to Fast forward for 1 min

1916: Woodrow Wilson Quote: "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.
We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.
No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

Tim Turners Monday call with the listed number 712-432-1085 above and punching in the access code 379617# about 10 to 15 times with no success. I then google searched it found a couple of blogs but still no recording and also asked my insider days ago but still nothing. I also have a google alert set up to email me when it shows up somewhere and WILL BLOG and 4SHARE asap believe me lol. I WANT YOU to have that call. If anyone can get it in anyway even just written highlights please email me per the above email at the top of the page.

8-26 Republics Tim Turner mp3 call recording with Kelby Smith & Panama Law article

many thanks and blessings to Carol for emailing me this


Restored America, Restore America Plan and New Movement Update 08/27/10

Executive Summary – Well there is a recording that Tim Turner made

that explains his position regarding the move that Regan and Tom made. We will categorically cover the points.

Peace and Friendship – Tim first off is leaving the door open for people to come back into the fold with Republic of united States, the restored america plan. He wishes all well and hopes some day they return. We applaud the tone of peace and friendship loudly. Now to some details.

Dale Livingston – Well folks how many of you were the same person say 13 years ago? Not too many, huh. We are all aware that Livingston (allegedly) wrote the torture piece and he did so with a disclaimer. Tim said was a warning sign. OK, sure enough. He said he has to stay away from the man until his intel sorts this out as to what is going on with this fellow. He cautioned others to do so and not even dial in to his calls. Whoa!! This is now getting ugly.

Where was Tim 13 years ago? Perhaps a director of FEMA? FEMA is not a nice organization. So we should forgive Tim and not be open minded to Livingston because of what he wrote with a disclaimer many years ago and was in fact removed from the website although I do not know when. Remember a director of FEMA is in action mode, a writer of the torture piece was not in action mode just using the pen. I think saying Gee I do not know what to make of this fellow Livingston yet. He wrote a controversial piece many years ago that could be construed by the ABC people as a bad thing. It has also been removed from the net and is found only in the way back machine. This was Tim hitting hard and driving people from Livingston based on not much. This I did not like.

Are we supposed to think that setting up a de jure alternate government and trying to fund it is something the same de facto people who are supposed to be distrustful and scared of Livingston are going to think is just fine constitutional behavior. If this was the case the sovereigns would be victorious in the de facto courts wouldn't they? Both threats are the same to them. They do not want to see their wealth and power go away. They want a one world order to remove any threat of competition. Regan did say the FBI was calling him numerous times wanting assurances about the de jure interim government. Rodney Dale was educating grand Jurors about what to do if the FBI questioned them. I have no reason to believe these were lies. I heard grand jurors filing abdication notices in the public record renouncing their grand jury membership to possible circumvent problems. With Livingston lets evaluate the message he is delivering not something he wrote years ago.

Militia versus Military – Is there really a difference? Come on. I would like to hear the difference please ( Livingston and Regan concept is what they say the military proposed. Tim says the military says they approve of his plan with the interim government. Duh. Something is wrong. Either the military is split or lying or someone else is. Use your own discernment and prayerfully decide. All cannot be right. Something is amiss. Historically have there been other misrepresentations made before? The Livingston Regan plan has the military submitting to the state militias. These state militias can be like what, three housewives with strollers and babies in each state and the military can submit to them. Get it. It could also be millions of militia members out there now, or both. Both are relying on military support. Big difference is Livingston method will bring in a massive amount of people to partake in state assemblies and support them. We need massive amounts of people. The bigger you get the better it is. The concept is the existing militia can merge right in which does not mean shooting. The concept of a state militia is constitutional and lawful and should not be shied away from any more than the second amendment or the fifth amendment.

Bottom Up and Full Disclosure – We applaud Tim's efforts to go bottom up and drop the executive council. We also applaud the Regan plan with the bottom up aspects and full disclosure with no need for secrecy. This plan will bring in other groups and the size should hit six digits any day if not already. It is already out of hand too big as far as the de facto would view it. I heard estimates of up to 50,000 on their last call. Even if it was 15,000 that is still massive and the word has not yet really gotten out anywhere near fully. Tim is still lacking full disclosure, actually lacking any disclosure to speak of. Ok correct me if I am wrong regarding Tim, please. Tim has said numerous things many times that have not come to pass and this needs dealing with if he wishes to keep the Restored America Plan viable. Saying the funding is available is not enough. Saying military support is present is not enough. This started being popular in March 2010. Here we are five months later with numerous unfulfilled statements and not a single sign of anything coming to pass. Come on correct me if I am wrong but please do not shoot the messenger, focus on the message. With Livingston there was some shooting of the messenger, more an was an attack of the message.

Livingston Message – Livingston has made an awfully strong if not superb case for the original constitution (call it Ben Franklin Wet Ink Version) never being properly ratified. We have his work up on our website.

Dale Livingston – The New Plan, The Nation that Never Was

It is hard reading, go slow, take notes. Do a little each day if you must. So we cannot just shrug this off as nonsense. It means there really is no lawful basis for a de jure government. No constitution no de jure. There is no basis for a de facto government either. Tim just shrugs this off as I do not care. Well down the road we might find we built a house on sand if we do not get the Ben Franklin Wet Ink Constitution ratified by the new to be formed state assemblies. Then we would have a lawful de jure structure in place. Apparently everything was always de facto.

Now with the fringed flags etc we are under military rule. How can there be a real military under de facto? Duh, I have no answer. Since the fed is a corporation how can there be a military? I guess it is a de facto military, no other answer. So the state assemblies forming openly, no secrets, ratifying the Ben Franklin Wet Ink Constitution would get us under a constitution then the de facto military submits to the new de jure lawful state militias and becomes a lawful de jure military. This makes sense 100%. It is the state militia that has the right to hold the tribunals, presumably because the offense in question came from enemies within, not without. It is not so easy to follow and also not so hard. Livingston did in fact establish that the constitution (Ben Franklin Wet Ink) was never properly ratified and I for one believe this needs dealing with by any movement. A new constitution could also be ratified but my gosh imagine the months wasted debating this. Not worth. We need to be in a hurry.

Support for Republic of the united States – If you wish to keep supporting Tim and the restored America do so. It is incompatible with the fact that the constitution was never ratified, ie no de jure really possible. I would encourage all of you to push very hard for evidence of funding and military support. We are being told by executive committee members that the military is not on board with the interim government. I see no signs of secrecy in this area lifting which makes me paranoid. It is imperative that you know where the movement is at with these two critical and essential pieces. If these two pieces are lacking it is time to move on in that we do not want to be sitting around five months later with no signs of change. Lacking this and I see no signs of this coming, I would not be too enthusiastic about it with the history of dissidence and unfulfilled commitments. Be friendly with them, offer to them that they can join the new movement etc. I also see no signs of Tim opening the Restored America to other movements, just to individuals. Not a real sign of unity and opening it up. We need unity amongst all movements

Military and Restore Republic Movements – The nice thing about the Livingston/Regan/Tom New Movement is that it can go with or without the military. I do not like depending on a movement that says they have military support, yet there is no confirmation of such support. Come on guys we just went down this road for five months only to see a breaking up. The new movement should have massive members. Other movements will be brought in. Numbers will be massive. Then comes the militia. The idea with the military was to get the nation restored without a fight. THIS WAS USE OF DEADLY FORCE. Got it, nothing but and do not let anyone deceive you about this ever. The military is so strong the idea is resistance would be futile but it is a threat of deadly force and nothing else. So now all of a sudden the militia is no good as some say since it has a bad ring to it. Why. No one is saying start a shooting war. The constitution says we can have state militias, so there I rest my case. That is the long and short of it.

The plan would make the state militias de jure correctly, breaking us out from military rule and thus leaves the military in no mans land unless they come into the fold which is the plan by having them submit to the state militias. If they don't come in under the militia then one can ignore the military and set up a de jure government like turner did but this time you will probably have a few million people in it. See the idea. Vast numbers assure success and increase the odds tremendously of military backing. A de jure government is something if done correctly the military would never mess with or go against. They would probably get on board.

Obama is the perfect storm. In a perverted way he is our friend because he is so well hated and incompetent. Few really know the Bushes for what they are so I would be doubtful about such a movement under Bush going anywhere, but Obama attracts hatred readily since he is such an idiot and even an illegal alien. The military following this kenyan muslim against a de jure government and the land where their relatives, friends etc live in, come on never happen if your movement has large numbers. If you want something with a 100% chance handed to you on a silver platter, it is not going to happen. There is always risk. On the other hand Obama is a sure thing, we know what life will be like under him. A republic belongs to the free and the brave. A house divided will not stand, so get the other movements involved and all come together and united we stand.


Friday, August 27, 2010

8-25 CONFIRMED BASIL III Gold Backed Treasury Banks

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have received numerous numerous inquiries which Banks are Basil III Compliant and are safe to deposit your new prosperity funds distributions.

I have personally confirmed the following banks.



Your input is requested if you know of any other banks. Post a comment to this message.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:37 AM
August 25, 2010 7:34 PM
Anonymous said...

Citizens bank in Oregon are on board,with basel 111.

see my BRIC and Basel playlists in my new key info at top of screen addition KEY WHITE KNIGHTS NEWS YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS to watch, subscribe to &/or RSS

8-26 Fed's internal drama's a good sign for real change for the better to open as the banksters get taken down on their sword

My title is evidenced/backed up by my new key info addition KEY WHITE KNIGHTS NEWS YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS to watch, subscribe to &/or RSS always at the top of my blog and the last Sheldan Nidle update 8-17 here lining up perfectly with the latest Republic of the united States of America sub-diversion attempt since my 8-19 blogs. Just a coincidence nothing to worry about lol.

A fight has erupted inside the US Federal Reserve Board about imminent US hyperinflation
Alcuin Bramerton Twitter
Alcuin Bramerton profile ..... Index of blog contents ..... Home

Serious internal conflicts reported within US Federal Reserve Board as Kissinger-Bush syndicate banksters head for end-time punchout at Jackson Hole (Wyoming)
A fight has erupted inside the US Federal Reserve Board about imminent US hyperinflation. Thomas Hoenig (Kansas City Fed) has publicly dissented from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's hyperinflationary decisions at each of the last eight meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee. A persistent view emerging is that if we don't get rid of this President (Obama) fast, we're not going to have a country left to bank for. At the last meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, on Tuesday 10th August 2010, the dangerous and highly contentious decision was made to purchase hundreds of billions of US Treasuries. This is now openly spoken of as being a Weimar-style hyperinflationary error in policy. More detail here (19.08.10).

On Monday 23rd August 2010, Thomas Hoenig testified before a field hearing of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the United States House of Representatives (text here - pdf file - 4 pages). In his testimony, Hoenig showed that it is the community banks which are still providing credit to American businesses, while the bailed-out Wall Street banks have ceased to do this for practical purposes. There is no greater danger to the positive work of the local community banks than the vested interests of the Too-Big-To-Fail zombie banks on Wall Street. Thomas Hoenig and Richard Fisher (Dallas Federal Reserve Bank) are Glass-Steagall supporters who supported US Senator Blanche Lincoln's efforts to limit bank derivatives trading. More about the Jackson Hole showdown here (26.08.10). And more about the Move Your Money initiative here.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

8-11 Brazil UFO Sightings To Be Documented, Made Public


RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil has ordered its air force to document any UFO sightings and make the data available to researchers and the public.

A decree in the official gazette says the air force will register any sightings by military and commercial pilots, along with air traffic controllers.

A spokesman says the air force has UFO archives dating back decades, but there had been no official order on what to do with the material. The spokesman could not be named under air force rules.

All past and future data – whether written reports, photos or video – will be processed by the air force and then housed in the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro.

In the decree published Tuesday, the air force says it will periodically submit UFO reports.



8-25 Repbulic update supposed to be on Waking Up In America per the site

I want to share this now and update with the HIGHLIGHTS after listening to RJ's in my last blog now. So give me afew hours at minimum to update this blog article.
Listen/download mp3 from below here in my 4shared
Join Doctor Val and the team as they give out BREAKING NEWS ON THE REPUBLIC and dialogue with Harvey Wasserman who is author or co-author of a dozen books, including SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH, A.D. 2030, with a forward by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and HARVEY WASSERMAN'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, with a forward by Howard Zinn. He is author (as "Thomas Paine") of PASSIONS OF THE POTSMOKING PATRIOTS, which asks: "Was George Washington a Gay Potsmoker?"
Archived Radio Shows

8-25 Republics Kelby Smith on RJ's RBN addresses the Regan & Tom & Livingstone sub-diversion

I will add highlights later as I am just now starting to listen to this finally lol
here are my mp3s from the hour 1 and 2 links below it

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interview with Kelby Smith R A P We need to become a Secured Party Creditor America has now become reinhabited by We the People and we now stand as The Republic of the United States. Attacks have been coming at Tim Turner... We're now learning the true colors of Regan Dwayne and tom Shaults. Over 80 nations have been stashing away gold for over 40 years to offer aid to the Man and the People who would Stand for Liberty today, in America.


RAP's Tim Turner Monday call & Dr Livingstone & Regans 8-20 & 8-22 calls by Teri Lynn


When I received and read those tedious documents sent out with the call announcement I responded to my SC and my foreman with the following and then I saw that post on NESARA. John MacHaffie did not man up and post my rebuttal and the comment section will not hold this so I posted a summarized version and hopefully he will allow it. I will copy that at the end of this one.

Yesterday I pointed out that truth is fairly easy to discern when you are given two opportunities to hear both sides “from the horse’s mouth” as it were. This we were given. There were actually three opportunities from which to form our own judgment.

The first of those three was a call on Friday night last. I had occasion to hear the entire recording (not the edited version released to persuade the public), last evening. What did I take away from that? Well I was first and foremost, literally appalled at the unprofessional manner of its hosts, the base language used on a national call and the deliberate omission or twisting of information. Add to that the fact that anyone with legitimate questions or opinion was disconnected, out shouted, cussed at and generally disrespected. Nothing presented on that call rang true for me. There was more whining from Florida but no honest answers when put on the spot, just juvenile he said, she said. Folks, the juries are not supposed to need babysitters and Tim Turner is most definitely needed for bigger and better tasks than to serve as a referee for full grown adults who cannot play nice. I heard a lot of character smearing and negative opinion. What I did not hear was rock solid fact.

Then there was the Sunday night call which was composed mostly of a long lecture on Dr. Livingston’s opinion on the absence of lawful ratification of our original constitution. It was said on the call that RAP has moved away from Tim Turner and, that they are going in a different direction. Therein lays the essence of insanity. It seems that under the leadership of Tom and Regan, RAP will now embark on a quasi military national education project which according to them will “spread like wildfire” when people learn what Dr. Livingston has to say and show them. We were all given the chance to read Dr. Livingston’s alleged truth in the documents sent this afternoon. Are they really serious? We live in a nation where we cannot even manage to make people understand that their government is a corporation, the president is a CE0, the money is fake, the bankers are stealing everything from them, their mortgages are fraudulent, their children are wards of the state, they are being bought and sold on the open market and now we are to believe we can cause a wave of “Awakening” with this man’s outlandish claims that we were never even a nation based on the lack of ratification? I contend the average person on the street will be hard pressed today to give you an accurate definition of that word.

On Monday night there was yet another call. This one for all the jurors across the nation and Tim Turner made his statements regarding what had transpired between the elders and the executive committee. He covered what his statements had been which were twisted and redefined by others. He then spent the rest of the call fielding questions from the listeners. Unlike our teleprompter addicted CEO in Washington, Tim had no prior knowledge or script to follow regarding those questions. He handled himself with his usual humility, respect and straight forward manner. I left that call feeling I had been respected and without doubt that I had heard the truth to the best of the man’s ability to give it.

So, how do you discern what is truth between these calls? Well just ask yourself what is the difference between a long meandering diatribe intended to instill fear, persuade and sway you and a straight forward Q and A session?

There are of course a few very important points to consider before deciding to embark on that quasi military national education project

1. The Constitution is not the law of the land, never was, the Declaration of Independence is that law and the constitution simply its “Rules of Engagement”. Therefore Livingston’s claims are irrelevant.

2. The corporation (to be referred to as the elite), are not sitting on their collective backsides waiting for us to wake up and oppose them.

3. Any re-education of the masses cannot possibly be accomplished in less than at least 8 to 12 years. Think this nation will last that long?

4. There is NO PLAN ANYWHERE and there NEVER WILL BE that the elite will not fight. This plan to take over and control both this nation and the globe is very old, very intense, and they are indeed in the end game. To the victor go the spoils.

5. Freedom is not free. Regaining it is not without danger. Nobody is going to go get it back and hand it to you on a silver platter so if you do not have the intestinal fortitude to go the distance, accept the danger, withstand the fear they will attempt to use against you and stand your ground, stand down now but do not cry and whine when you find yourself in one of the new Civilian Labor Camps or standing under a shower at a FEMA Location.

6. This is not 1789, this is 2010 and this nation is being strangled by criminal power brokers who are totally morally bankrupt. They place no value on any life but their own. They will take yours and your children’s in a heartbeat and those they suffer to live, in the end will spend their days in forced labor and their nights in useless exhaustion.

7. Which do you really want? Freedom or certain slavery, and what is it worth to you?

All I can say after reading those documents sent in the earlier email is Boy, am I glad I took that speed reading course in college. There were many reading assignments I found equally as pointless back then.

As for me, still, I will stand. There is no other course which makes even the slightest bit of sense.

The summarized version I posted at NESARA.

The information in those documents is misleading to say the very least. Regardless of whether or not the original constitution was lawfully ratified or not has nothing to do with what we must do today. The constitution is nothing more than the "Rules of Engagement" for the Declaration of Independence. This nation has been and is under de facto governance and that de facto has no intention of sitting on its collective backside, call a truce in the interest of fairness and wait for us to educate 300 million people enough to show them the door.

Military rule is not the answer to the time it will take to accomplish that.

There is NO PLAN NOW nor will there ever be which the elite will not fight so for those without the backbone to stand and go forward with the Republic, indeed sit on your thumbs until they come for you. While you are toiling in a Civilian Labor camp or standing in a shower in some FEMA camp wondering what exactly will come out of that spigot above your head, remember, you chose the path.

Those documents are forgeries placed there by the very corporation running this country. The original ratification documents do exist but that is still a moot point. This entire issue is nothing more than a move to divide and conquer just ask yourselves one question.
What do I want, Freedom which I must stand for regardless of the danger, or slavery?

If any of you were on the call Friday last. Are you ready to put your life and your freedom at risk for men who would conduct themselves in the appalling way these men did?

Just a suggestion, but before you put any credence whatsoever in what Dr.Livingston has to say, perhaps a little due diligence into his background is called for.

Teri Lynn
If anyone wants to get into contact with Teri Lynn please email me and find my email at the top.

find comments to TT Monday call at bottom of my last or 2nd last blog.

8-22 Tim turners letter to the executive members re Regans Friday & Sunday calls & TT's wkend call & my guess on what is happening

emailed to me from an insider

August 22, 2010

Dear Executive Committee Members,

The phone call on Friday evening was quite enlightening. After my conversation with Mark W on Friday afternoon the impression was that we were going to try to find common ground on these issues. I guess I was wrong and must make an executive decision to protect our people. I told Mark as soon as I could talk ok I would join a call with you. It is clear that I was not invited to the call for obvious reasons. You would have had to be accountable to the truth if I had been. I feel that I have been wounded in the house of a friend. It appears that for whatever reasons you will walk away from the only plan that has a chance to save our country. God is with us in this plan and we will succeed because of him not because of anything that we do. Regan and Tom do not have God’s support and that is obvious from the lies and half truths that Regan spouted on this call. The ignorance you displayed about the Constitution how our nation was founded is appalling. They should not talk about things in public that they don’t understand. Regan should be ashamed in supporting a military coup and martial law for the American people. It is clear to me that this is your agenda and Tom admitted this on a private call with us. Regan was definitely using double speak on the call which is a mind control technique. Some of our jury members picked up on it and let me know.

It is obvious that you are not in control, don’t have a plan and you don’t want God’s plan to succeed. Military intelligence confirmed again yesterday that Tom and now Regan are working for the dark side and they have little or no authority. The higher level people came forward after they saw we did not agree with Tom and his agenda. They told me that they thought that I was involved in the military coup with them at first and later realized that I wasn’t. Tom admitted on the call two weeks ago that no threats had been made and emphatically denied saying that he had made mention of any threats to the Grand Jury members. For these and many other reasons I am compelled to officially accept the resignations of all of the executive committee members who resigned in our meeting about two weeks ago. Since the Grand Juries did not approve the Executive Committee I guess we will have to move on without you for now. I have many friends on the committee who are being mislead and I hope they will rejoin us when they realize it. They are good intelligent men that will see through this farce very soon and I wish them well.

James Timothy Turner

I know you would prefer TT to say this then read and suspect this may not be his words. I suspect from the last blogs mp3 with TT in the background that TT may still have to keep out of site for now re more death threats as we know they the powers that where TPTW would be trying to execute.

In the comments of the last blog is a recorded call with TT that I can not access as I shared in those comments. If you can make a recording please email me. My email is listed at the top.

My guess on the whole situation is Regan and Tom may be getting used or willing agents for the PTW and tried to use RAP as a refunding option but the donating interests held back because of what Regan and Tom where doing ie Florida and condoning threats and the like. TT separated because he knew they where the problem and/or because of attempts on his life. Others may have joined the Regan and Tom and co's efforts to try and get their hands on the 3.5 Million tonnes of gold by starting the latest sub-diversion or at least try to start Martial Law and/or undo TT's and RAP's work.

8-20 RAP UNEDITED MUST LISTEN to Regan call with Kelby Smith call in exposing sub-diversion trying to undo Tim Turners Republic & cause Martial Law

or from the source

I am AMAZED at this and now know why this call got edited and put out the way it did via an email I received from Dave Mack promoting the 8-22 Dr Dale Livingstone call.

I am very sorry for the delay on getting this out [after receiving it 3 to 4 days ago] to you all as I was winded after the previous 8-19 and 8-20 dubbed calls [I blogged and 4shared] and so just did not have the energy/desire to listen to this. I like to check the information before I put it out. I did send this out to others days ago asking for feedback but never got any other then seeing it on Sovereign Warriors some 12 hours ago. I was just going to share this with you all letting you know I had not listened to it but finally got into it and WOW is an understatement.

42m-recorder of this mp3 CW calls in with very interesting points-58m, 1h19m now Regan wants to open public offices after saying earlier that he could not understand Tim Turner opening offices WTF LOL, 1h22m-interesting FEMA and weird response by Regan, 1h28m-recorder CW outlines what Regan and co are trying to do ie put down the grand juries and activate the militias to incite/provoke Martial Law, 1h30m58s Kelby Smith, 1h32m-this is negating election for Tim Turner as President and name change [1h42m40s-Kelby Smith calls this call recorder]-1h44m, 1h47m BS on Tim Turner (TT) kicked out-1h48m, 1h49m TT separated from Regan and Tom -1h52m[my thoughts-they Regan & co could be blaming the problems they created on TT in order to get people sucked into this BS], Trustee-1h55m33, 2h03m is this the same name?, 2h05m-Grand Juries need to be dormant WTF, *2h07m-Kelby Smith 2h29m, 2h52m here TT in background, 2h53m Question puts up tight agitator on the spot lol, 2h58m55s-Tim Turner in background at 2h59m07s, 41s, 3h00m07s, 3h01m45s, 3h03m22s BEST EVER UNDENIABLE 3h01m-CW we are trying not to go to war with these ie Regan & co

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8-24 $200 quadrillion of élite-stolen funds now sequestered and neutralised

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Main Illuminati swag bag uncovered by auditors. $200 quadrillion of élite-stolen funds now sequestered and neutralised.

John's Comments - Good news even if from Casper (he must get some info right!)
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Main Illuminati swag bag uncovered by auditors. $200 quadrillion of élite-stolen funds now sequestered and neutralised. Western Heads of State, Vatican Satanists, US politicians all fingered. Major figures and nations changing sides in behind-the-scenes geopolitical alliance-shifts. Ongoing problem with personnel selection and jurisdictional bona fides of Hague Arbitral Tribunal.
Yes, that is two hundred quadrillion US dollars. $200,000,000,000,000,000 in round numbers. $200,000,000,000,000,000 that you, me and the goyim sheeple are not supposed to know exists. Except that we now know it does exist, we know where it is, we know which parasites' signatures are on the documents, and we know why there are no credible source-of-funds papertrails. Darkside global criminality does not get bigger than this. Naked systemic evil has been quantised for all to see. Question: Is it now possible for citizens of goodwill worldwide to construct a fair, transparent and corruption-proof legal structure to prosecute the defeated architects and financiers of the New World Order cabal? And is it now possible for the mainstream media to be allowed to report what they have always suspected to be true? More global background here (24.08.10), here (23.08.10), here (17.08.10), here (16.08.10), here (09.08.10), here (02.08.10), here (10.07.10), here (08.07.10), here (25.06.10), here (10.06.10) and here (14.12.09).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8-23 RAP or new begginning bottom-up very interesting call on Dave Mack's talkshoe

I have not listened to the whole call as yet [I am up to 1hr05mins funny enough after feeling like I have little energy to get into all this just yet and just want a time out after putting so much energy into RAP, you could say kicked off the horse but back on it yeee haaaa lol] but so far is mostly pertaining to improving upon RAP with a bottom-up approach that sounded very positive.
or from the source Dave Mack's talkshoe here

RAP my thoughts on Regan

after hearing the 8-19 call I blogged with highlights showing Regan as part of the problem I was still weary of his involvement in the 2 recent calls 8-20 and 8-22 with Dr Livingstone I also blogged [see below], although the seeming intention to do a bottom up was positive and the solutions to the blocks.

8-22 RAP call RECORDING 9pm EDT Dr. Dale Livingston & you will all be allowed to vote for president & Tim Turner no longer with RAP

Big thanks to justplayman for this youtube showed in my email as a google alert for Restore America Plan. His youtube on the call has links to the talkshoe recording as I failed to get the details on the call and my audio streaming recorder freecorder seems to have stuffed up. From the youtube justplayman says he got the email from me as I did send it to him, and so I am thankful we can work together on getting this info out.


Here is the sourced talkshoe
8-22 recording

8-22 RAP call tonight 9pm EDT Dr. Dale Livingston & you will all be allowed to vote for president & Tim Turner no longer with RAP


Unlike some of the other emails I have seen where people have failed to sign them, I will sign this and all emails with my name.

Regan Dwayne Reedy



Monday, August 23, 2010

8-20 RAP recorded call mp3 very interesting & seemingly open update on all developments & positive solutions

I think this is Regan 1 of the elders that talks alot on here with others explaining the delays and problems and solutions.