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RAP's Tim Turner Monday call & Dr Livingstone & Regans 8-20 & 8-22 calls by Teri Lynn


When I received and read those tedious documents sent out with the call announcement I responded to my SC and my foreman with the following and then I saw that post on NESARA. John MacHaffie did not man up and post my rebuttal and the comment section will not hold this so I posted a summarized version and hopefully he will allow it. I will copy that at the end of this one.

Yesterday I pointed out that truth is fairly easy to discern when you are given two opportunities to hear both sides “from the horse’s mouth” as it were. This we were given. There were actually three opportunities from which to form our own judgment.

The first of those three was a call on Friday night last. I had occasion to hear the entire recording (not the edited version released to persuade the public), last evening. What did I take away from that? Well I was first and foremost, literally appalled at the unprofessional manner of its hosts, the base language used on a national call and the deliberate omission or twisting of information. Add to that the fact that anyone with legitimate questions or opinion was disconnected, out shouted, cussed at and generally disrespected. Nothing presented on that call rang true for me. There was more whining from Florida but no honest answers when put on the spot, just juvenile he said, she said. Folks, the juries are not supposed to need babysitters and Tim Turner is most definitely needed for bigger and better tasks than to serve as a referee for full grown adults who cannot play nice. I heard a lot of character smearing and negative opinion. What I did not hear was rock solid fact.

Then there was the Sunday night call which was composed mostly of a long lecture on Dr. Livingston’s opinion on the absence of lawful ratification of our original constitution. It was said on the call that RAP has moved away from Tim Turner and, that they are going in a different direction. Therein lays the essence of insanity. It seems that under the leadership of Tom and Regan, RAP will now embark on a quasi military national education project which according to them will “spread like wildfire” when people learn what Dr. Livingston has to say and show them. We were all given the chance to read Dr. Livingston’s alleged truth in the documents sent this afternoon. Are they really serious? We live in a nation where we cannot even manage to make people understand that their government is a corporation, the president is a CE0, the money is fake, the bankers are stealing everything from them, their mortgages are fraudulent, their children are wards of the state, they are being bought and sold on the open market and now we are to believe we can cause a wave of “Awakening” with this man’s outlandish claims that we were never even a nation based on the lack of ratification? I contend the average person on the street will be hard pressed today to give you an accurate definition of that word.

On Monday night there was yet another call. This one for all the jurors across the nation and Tim Turner made his statements regarding what had transpired between the elders and the executive committee. He covered what his statements had been which were twisted and redefined by others. He then spent the rest of the call fielding questions from the listeners. Unlike our teleprompter addicted CEO in Washington, Tim had no prior knowledge or script to follow regarding those questions. He handled himself with his usual humility, respect and straight forward manner. I left that call feeling I had been respected and without doubt that I had heard the truth to the best of the man’s ability to give it.

So, how do you discern what is truth between these calls? Well just ask yourself what is the difference between a long meandering diatribe intended to instill fear, persuade and sway you and a straight forward Q and A session?

There are of course a few very important points to consider before deciding to embark on that quasi military national education project

1. The Constitution is not the law of the land, never was, the Declaration of Independence is that law and the constitution simply its “Rules of Engagement”. Therefore Livingston’s claims are irrelevant.

2. The corporation (to be referred to as the elite), are not sitting on their collective backsides waiting for us to wake up and oppose them.

3. Any re-education of the masses cannot possibly be accomplished in less than at least 8 to 12 years. Think this nation will last that long?

4. There is NO PLAN ANYWHERE and there NEVER WILL BE that the elite will not fight. This plan to take over and control both this nation and the globe is very old, very intense, and they are indeed in the end game. To the victor go the spoils.

5. Freedom is not free. Regaining it is not without danger. Nobody is going to go get it back and hand it to you on a silver platter so if you do not have the intestinal fortitude to go the distance, accept the danger, withstand the fear they will attempt to use against you and stand your ground, stand down now but do not cry and whine when you find yourself in one of the new Civilian Labor Camps or standing under a shower at a FEMA Location.

6. This is not 1789, this is 2010 and this nation is being strangled by criminal power brokers who are totally morally bankrupt. They place no value on any life but their own. They will take yours and your children’s in a heartbeat and those they suffer to live, in the end will spend their days in forced labor and their nights in useless exhaustion.

7. Which do you really want? Freedom or certain slavery, and what is it worth to you?

All I can say after reading those documents sent in the earlier email is Boy, am I glad I took that speed reading course in college. There were many reading assignments I found equally as pointless back then.

As for me, still, I will stand. There is no other course which makes even the slightest bit of sense.

The summarized version I posted at NESARA.

The information in those documents is misleading to say the very least. Regardless of whether or not the original constitution was lawfully ratified or not has nothing to do with what we must do today. The constitution is nothing more than the "Rules of Engagement" for the Declaration of Independence. This nation has been and is under de facto governance and that de facto has no intention of sitting on its collective backside, call a truce in the interest of fairness and wait for us to educate 300 million people enough to show them the door.

Military rule is not the answer to the time it will take to accomplish that.

There is NO PLAN NOW nor will there ever be which the elite will not fight so for those without the backbone to stand and go forward with the Republic, indeed sit on your thumbs until they come for you. While you are toiling in a Civilian Labor camp or standing in a shower in some FEMA camp wondering what exactly will come out of that spigot above your head, remember, you chose the path.

Those documents are forgeries placed there by the very corporation running this country. The original ratification documents do exist but that is still a moot point. This entire issue is nothing more than a move to divide and conquer just ask yourselves one question.
What do I want, Freedom which I must stand for regardless of the danger, or slavery?

If any of you were on the call Friday last. Are you ready to put your life and your freedom at risk for men who would conduct themselves in the appalling way these men did?

Just a suggestion, but before you put any credence whatsoever in what Dr.Livingston has to say, perhaps a little due diligence into his background is called for.

Teri Lynn
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