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8-3 UFO filmed chasing International Space Station (ISS) after intention experiment at Mt. Adams, WA

August 3, 3:47 PMSeattle Exopolitics ExaminerAlfred Lambremont Webre




Over the July 4, 2010 weekend, this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre returned to the source of the modern era of flying saucers - the Cascade mountain range in Washington State - and to the interdimensional portals surrounding Mt. Adams, including the portals at the ECETI Ranch at the foot of Mt. Adams for the 2010 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference.

The result was a magical, interdimensional ‘Inter-dependence Day’ weekend with numerous documented UFOs, including a UFO documented following the International Space Station (ISS) as it orbited over Mt. Adams immediately after an intention experiment on the night of July 3, 2010; an interdimensional ET/UFO probe documented right after an intention experiment with a group ‘laughter’ meditation on the night of July 4, 2010; and an interdimensional ET/UFO that flew around an outdoor circle formed by approximately 200 conference participants on the night of July 3, 2010.

Videos of these interdimensional UFO experiences can be seen in the article below.

Other documented past visitors at Mt. Adams ECETI interdimensional portals include a 10 foot tall intelligent feline extraterrestrial, and an interdimensional being in the Marian archetype (who may be an upper-dimensional extraterrestrial from a constellation in this galaxy), that were photographed by Kan, a Japanese monk and teacher at the ECETI Ranch. Kan’s photographs of these multi-dimensional beings and Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly’s photographs of the hyperdimensional UFOs that appeared at the 2010 conference are included in a special slide show in the below.

Describing Mt. Adams, one source states, "Mount Adams is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Cascade Range and the second-highest mountain in the U.S. state of Washington. Adams is a member of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, and is one of the arc's largest volcanoes, located in a remote wilderness approximately 31 miles (50 km) east of Mount St. Helens. The Mount Adams Wilderness comprises the upper and western part of the volcano's cone. The eastern side of the mountain is part of the Yakama Nation.

"Mt. Adams asymmetrical and broad body rises 1.5 miles (2.4 km) above the Cascade crest. Its nearly flat summit was formed as a result of cone-building eruptions from separated vents. Air travelers flying the busy routes above the area sometimes confuse Mount Adams with nearby Mount Rainier, which has a similar flat-topped shape.

"Native Americans in the area have composed many legends concerning the three 'smoking mountains' that guard the Columbia River. According to the Bridge of the Gods tale, Wy'east (Mount Hood) and Pahto (Mount Adams; also called Paddo or Klickitat by native peoples) were the sons of the Great Spirit. The brothers both competed for the love of the beautiful La-wa-la-clough (Mount St. Helens). When La-wa-la-clough chose Pahto, Wy'east struck his brother hard so that Pahto's head was flattened and Wy'east took La-wa-la-clough from him (thus attempting to explain Adams' squat appearance). Other versions of the story state that losing La-wa-la-clough caused Pahto such grief that he dropped his head in shame."

Physicist Nassim Haramein tells us that the sun is the singularity or interdimensional portal to our solar system, and the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner has documented how giant UFOs appear to be accessing our solar system through the star gate in our sun.

Volcanoes like Mt. Adams - Nassim Haramein also tells us - are the planet’s singularities, and are interdimensional portals or star gates for entry into our 3rd dimension ‘airspace’ of interdimensional probes by intelligent ET civilizations and multi-dimensional beings.

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre personally witnessed numerous interdimensional UFO probes occurring at the ECETI Ranch at the foot of Mt. Adams every evening from July 1 through July 4, 2010. A number of specific experiments were undertaken to intentionally trigger interdimensional UFO probes through meditation and intention exercises. These exercises appear to have been successful, as demonstrated by the videos in the article below.

Intention experiment results in UFO chasing the International Space Station

A successful UFO intention experiment occurred on the night of July 3, 2010 during which approximately 200 persons, including participants and speakers at the ECETI conference, stood in a circle holding hands in a field known as ‘the Field of Dreams’ at the foot of Mt. Adams and formed a collective intention for interdimensional UFOs to appear.

The participants were also connected to a radiant energy generator carrying 1.5 million volts of D.C. radiant energy to enhance the unity of consciousness of the intention experiment participants.

During and after the intention experiment circle, the International Space Station (ISS) was documented as being followed closely by a UFO as the ISS crossed the skies above Mt. Adams, the ECETI Ranch, and the field where the 200 persons had gathered with their UFO intention.

X-Squared Radio host and ECETI speaker Brooks Agnew documented the results of the UFO intention experiment in a night vision video that readers can see below.

Another participant in the July 3, 2010 intention experiment at the ECETI Ranch independently captured the UFO following the International Space Station over the area where the 200 experiment participants had formed a UFO intention circle in this video.

ECETI conference speaker Jon Kelly states that he had videotaped the UFO actually overtaking the International Space Station. Mr. Kelly writes, “Immediately following the July 3rd, 2010 intention experiment held in the ECETI ‘Field of Dreams’, a UFO was observed following the ISS and this event was captured on at least 3 different camera systems.

“My 3CCD video camera was equipped with a 32 power optical zoom using a 77mm objective glass. Viewing the event through this system, I was able to record and identify that the UFO was red in color, and that it was overtaking the ISS.

“Unfortunately, that tape, which included at least 5 other UFO events from that evening, has gone missing. It may have been lost, stolen, or absorbed by the mysterious Mt. Adams portal.”

The July 4 UFO intention experiment (Videos) readers can have a virtual, online experience of one of the interdimensional UFO probes that appeared as part of a successful intention experiment the night of July 4, 2010 right after ECETI Ranch founder James Gilliland had led conference attendees in a ‘laughter’ meditation inside the conference hall on ECETI grounds at the foot of Mt. Adams.

John D. Riley, a conference speaker, filmed this extraordinary video of a multi-colored inter-dimensional UFO that traversed over the ECETI conference hall after the meditation.

The producers of the ECETI July 4 UFO video write, “Feel this experience. We just completed a powerful gathering when this craft appeared from mid sky and started oscillating in color spectrum and pattern. It had no definitive shape or sound as it flew slowly over our heads. The footage has only been enlarged and untouched from original video. As you can hear from our response we all knew we experienced something amazing.”

Another speaker at the ECETI conference, researcher Renato Longato, independently captured the same July 4, 2010 interdimensional UFO on another video.

Successful Vancouver BC UFO intention experiment

These successful results in the 2010 ECETI UFO intention experiments match those of a successful interdimensional UFO-intention experiment carried out by two of the speakers at the 2010 ECETI conference, reporters Jon Kelly and Alfred Lambremont Webre and two participants, psychologist-psychic Geri DeStefano-Webre, PhD and Buddhist artist Marianna Rydvald on September 12, 2009 in Vancouver, B.C. These four individuals formed an intention to have interdimensional UFOs appear over their heads in Jericho Beach, Vancouver, B.C.

Jon Kelly writes that, in the video below, “the video evidence reveals three different bodies - one which was visible to the naked eye and two which were only observed through infrared night vision. Sophisticated interaction was also demonstrated by one of the objects powering-up, magnifying its luminous intensity in the background behind the witnesses who were talking on camera.”

In the video below, readers can view two of the participants in the intention experiment – Dr. DeStefano-Webre and Ms. Rydvald – describe the interdimensional UFO that appeared during the intention experiment, along with video of the actual interdimensional UFOs themselves.

UFO intention experiment: ‘are we going to be taken up’ in an interdimensional UFO?

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre was a 2010 conference speaker and a part of the intention experiments at the ECETI Ranch.

During the intention experiment on the night of July 3, I was in the ECETI Mt Adams 'Field of Dreams' as part of the circle of approximately 200 persons forming a conscious, collective intention calling on interdimensional UFOs to appear. I was about 30 persons to the left in the circle facing inward from a radiant energy generator carrying 1.5 million volts of D.C. radiant energy to enhance the unity of consciousness of the intention experiment participants.

About 30 minutes into the intention experiment I observed a large interdimensional UFO appearing as a large moving light to my left, traversing slowly on the horizon, perhaps some 1000 meters from the circle of experiment participants and perhaps 50 meters off the ground.

I watched closely as the interdimensional UFO continued in a slow arc circumnavigating about 90 degrees of the full 360 degrees of the full circle, and as it came to a rest, floating about 1000 meters beyond the far end of the circle of 200 persons, and stopping directly in front of my position in the circle, as I faced inward toward the center of the circle.

At that very moment I remember thinking to myself, “I wonder if we are going to be taken up inside this UFO.”

I remember that thought being both exciting and slightly anxiety producing at the same time.

Even as my mind entertained that thought, the hyperdimensional UFO then moved directly away from the circle opposite where I was standing and eventually disappeared into the distance.

The next morning, July 4, 2010, I shared my story about having the “I wonder if we are going to be taken up inside this UFO” thoughts during the intention experiment the night before with a six other participants in that experiment.

Each person I spoke to said that on the night of July 3, they had seen a hyperdimensional UFO making a slow arc around the circle, and had also experienced the identical thoughts that I had, namely: “I wonder if we are going to be taken up inside this UFO.” reporter Jon Kelly had documented this July 3 hyperdimensional UFO as part of his videotaping of the July 3, 2010 intention experiment. As Mr. Kelly observed (above), unfortunately, his videotape of the event was lost.

On the morning of July 5, 2010, this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre recounted my July 3 experience of the UFO going around the circle of participants to ECETI founder James Gilliland. Mr. Gilliland observed that he also had seen the July 3 UFO arcing around the intention circle, that that and he as well had experienced the “I wonder if we are going to be taken up inside this UFO” thoughts during the experiment.

Theoretically, it would be possible – though highly unlikely - for participants in a UFO intention experiment to have been teleported into an interdimensional UFO spacecraft without ‘lost time’ and without conscious memory of the event.

Mother Mary and the feline extraterrestrials visit Mt. Adams

In the course of the July 2010 ECETI conference itself, both founder James Gilliland and Alfred Lambremont Webre were able to show photographs taken at the ECETI Ranch by Kan, a Japanese monk and teacher, of a number of multi-dimensional beings who manifested as a result of intention experiments by Kan and ECETI founder James Gilliland.

At one intention experiment, a multi-dimensional being with a Madonna or Marian archetype manifested to be photographed by Kan.

During the intention experiment, as Kan and Mr. Gilliland would ask the multi-dimensional Marian being to appear more clearly in the photograph, the Marian being responded with a clearer image of herself in the next photo.

The same positive correlation - between experimenter intention and photographic clarity of the multi-dimensional being - occurred in Kan’s photographs of an intelligent 10-foot tall feline extraterrestrial.

As Kan and Mr. Gilliland would ask that the 10 foot tall feline extraterrestrial to appear more clearly in Kan’s photographs, a clearer image of the multi-dimensional being materializing in the 3rd dimensional ECETI Ranch reality occurred with each successive photo of four photographs.

Please see comparative photos showing a clear correlation between experimenter intentions and photographic clarity of the multi-dimensional beings in the special slide show below.

Chemtrails over the ECETI conference hall

These interdimensional UFO experiences occurred despite the massive spraying of up to 15 chemtrails daily by United States Air Force transport planes at low altitudes directly over the ECETI conference hall, witnessed by this reporter and many other conference participants. ECETI, at the foot of Mt. Adams is next to a designated federal Wilderness area and Native American Yakama reserve.

Chemtrails, which have been theorized as the atmospheric component of the space-based anti-ET and mood control weapon of mass destruction known as HAARP, may serve as an amplifier for the consciousness-damping effects of HAARP.

How to evaluate the ECETI UFO intention experiments

1. Unity consciousness and the ECETI UFO intention experiments – The achievement of unity consciousness among the experiment participants appears to be one component of the successful UFO intention experiments. Exercises or devices such as the July 4, 2010 ‘laughing' meditation or the July 3, 2010 ‘unity consciousness’ generator may promote this unity consciousness.

2. Successful UFO intention experiments July 1-4, 2010 – Successful UFO intention experiments were carried out at the ECETI Ranch at the foot of the Mt. Adams singularity, or interdimensional portal on each of the evenings of July 1-4, 2010. A similar successful UFO intention experiment was carried out at a public beach in Vancouver, BC on September 12, 2009.

These UFO intention experiments can include in the future an intention for face-to-face interaction with the intelligent civilization or source behind the interdimensional UFOs.

3. Intention experiments and intelligent multi-dimensional beings – Intelligent, multi-dimensional beings such as the Marian being and the intelligent feline extraterrestrial appeared for face-to-face encounters and photographs at the ECETI interdimensional portals. Through their interactions with ECETI personnel, these beings appear as advanced, ethical, enlightened, and having humanity’s spiritual evolution at heart.

Intention experiments at ethical interdimensional portals such as ECETI may be a new channel for humanity to face-to-face access to higher dimension spiritual and extraterrestrial beings.

The access channels to ethical higher intelligence offered by traditional religious organizations and by secret star gates exploited by U.S. and other military-intelligence agencies may be too unethical and corrupted to provide humanity with present access to the higher spiritual and extraterrestrial entities in our universe and in spiritual dimensions.

4. Universe singularity vs. USAF chemtrails - Unity consciousness in the experiment participants may also be promoted by the consciousness waves of ‘enlightened unity consciousness’ now emanating from the singularity at the core of our universe, as reported by reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre in GOOD NEWS! Universe singularity now emanating pre-wave energy for ‘enlightened unity consciousness’

This unity consciousness and the UFO intention experiments did not appear to be negatively affected by the frequent chemtrailing by the United States Air Force.

In the words of one ECETI participant, “Can you imagine the arrogance of the USAF and the operators of HAARP, trying to compete with the singularity at the center of our universe?”

5. Empirical evidence of a new typology of intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse – The photographic documentary evidence and witness evidence generated in these UFO intention experiments provide important empirical evidence for specific classifications of intelligent civilizations in a new typology of intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse that includes the “Spiritual” or inter-life and after-life dimensions. This was the subject of Exopolitics researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre’s presentation at the ECETI conference.

For more info: EXAMINER.COM
Seattle's relationship to Exopolitics and this article: According to, this reporter -Alfred Lambremont Webre - is "one of two experts in the field of exopolitics and this topic doesn’t generally lend itself to a local angle". This reporter is very proud to have this Exopolitics Examiner column based in Seattle. Historically, "the modern phenomena of UFOs and 'flying saucers' began in Washington state on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold spotted nine mysterious, high-speed objects 'flying like a saucer would' along the crest of the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier. His report made international headlines and triggered hundreds of similar accounts of 'flying saucers' locally and across the nation." A local Seattle connection is thus embedded into every article this reporter has the privilege to write for our Seattle audience.
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Mt Adams-ECETI 2010 Interdimensional UFOs and Beings
These are images of hypedimensional UFOs taken by Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly during UFO intention experiments over the July 4, 2010 weekend at the ECETI Ranch, Mt. Adams, WA., and images of multi-dimensional beings taken by Kan at ECETI. www.eceti.o
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