Friday, August 20, 2010

Len Horowitz listed as Knights of Malta by Ben Fulford-WTF?

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I just came across this video and am now investigating Ben Fulford and will add new material to this very article with new updated time in blue at top.

This does concern me as I did think Ben Fulford was ok but now hmmmmm. I hope this shows you I am not blindly following anyone as I have said many times, that is keep questioning them all always and if you ever have any evidence against them please let me know. But do not bother just voicing your opinion without any references at all, as I know the difference between unfounded opinions and facts. I did have an interview recently with ChrispyT with an mp3 of that that will share some of my views on Ben. I have had some questions on him that is for sure on his flip flop nature on some views like the 134.5 Billion [last year or so], Amero vs alternatives [this year recently and much earlier], attack on the so called cowards in the US Military [about May-June 2010], ending the Fed late last year, US economy to collapse Van de Myer [Aug-2009] vs not because of secret gold backing [June 2009] in the last half of last year. The Rockefeller interview. All these in my playlist NWO Stand-Off ...

Here is the article of Ben's that points to Leonard G. Horowitz.

I have followed Dr Leonard Horowitz since about 2005 and found him to be very honorable. Len was also accused of being NWO by a radio show host of Dr Rebbecca Carley for trying to falsely take out mercury as being the way to make vaccines safe. I know mercury is not good but the real cause of autism is the measles-mumps-rubella (mmr) vaccine as Dr Rebbecca Carley points out on her site and in my playlist on her, but Dr Len Horowitz does not stop at mercury if you have seen any of his many videos I have watched and the half dozen books of his I have read. So I did investigate this and found this to be a false argument against Len.

Very interesting to note that Len points out Alex Jones as being involved with the NWO in the above youtube which does line up with my playlist that I put in in my 1st blog as at least an unwitting fear monger but apparently he gets worse later on in the interview saying if I remember from my last talkshoe from a caller AJ says the Russians are attacking the US. I just found and added all 20 youtube parts to the same Alex Jones playlist here

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