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8-26 Republics Tim Turner mp3 call recording with Kelby Smith & Panama Law article

many thanks and blessings to Carol for emailing me this


Restored America, Restore America Plan and New Movement Update 08/27/10

Executive Summary – Well there is a recording that Tim Turner made

that explains his position regarding the move that Regan and Tom made. We will categorically cover the points.

Peace and Friendship – Tim first off is leaving the door open for people to come back into the fold with Republic of united States, the restored america plan. He wishes all well and hopes some day they return. We applaud the tone of peace and friendship loudly. Now to some details.

Dale Livingston – Well folks how many of you were the same person say 13 years ago? Not too many, huh. We are all aware that Livingston (allegedly) wrote the torture piece and he did so with a disclaimer. Tim said was a warning sign. OK, sure enough. He said he has to stay away from the man until his intel sorts this out as to what is going on with this fellow. He cautioned others to do so and not even dial in to his calls. Whoa!! This is now getting ugly.

Where was Tim 13 years ago? Perhaps a director of FEMA? FEMA is not a nice organization. So we should forgive Tim and not be open minded to Livingston because of what he wrote with a disclaimer many years ago and was in fact removed from the website although I do not know when. Remember a director of FEMA is in action mode, a writer of the torture piece was not in action mode just using the pen. I think saying Gee I do not know what to make of this fellow Livingston yet. He wrote a controversial piece many years ago that could be construed by the ABC people as a bad thing. It has also been removed from the net and is found only in the way back machine. This was Tim hitting hard and driving people from Livingston based on not much. This I did not like.

Are we supposed to think that setting up a de jure alternate government and trying to fund it is something the same de facto people who are supposed to be distrustful and scared of Livingston are going to think is just fine constitutional behavior. If this was the case the sovereigns would be victorious in the de facto courts wouldn't they? Both threats are the same to them. They do not want to see their wealth and power go away. They want a one world order to remove any threat of competition. Regan did say the FBI was calling him numerous times wanting assurances about the de jure interim government. Rodney Dale was educating grand Jurors about what to do if the FBI questioned them. I have no reason to believe these were lies. I heard grand jurors filing abdication notices in the public record renouncing their grand jury membership to possible circumvent problems. With Livingston lets evaluate the message he is delivering not something he wrote years ago.

Militia versus Military – Is there really a difference? Come on. I would like to hear the difference please ( Livingston and Regan concept is what they say the military proposed. Tim says the military says they approve of his plan with the interim government. Duh. Something is wrong. Either the military is split or lying or someone else is. Use your own discernment and prayerfully decide. All cannot be right. Something is amiss. Historically have there been other misrepresentations made before? The Livingston Regan plan has the military submitting to the state militias. These state militias can be like what, three housewives with strollers and babies in each state and the military can submit to them. Get it. It could also be millions of militia members out there now, or both. Both are relying on military support. Big difference is Livingston method will bring in a massive amount of people to partake in state assemblies and support them. We need massive amounts of people. The bigger you get the better it is. The concept is the existing militia can merge right in which does not mean shooting. The concept of a state militia is constitutional and lawful and should not be shied away from any more than the second amendment or the fifth amendment.

Bottom Up and Full Disclosure – We applaud Tim's efforts to go bottom up and drop the executive council. We also applaud the Regan plan with the bottom up aspects and full disclosure with no need for secrecy. This plan will bring in other groups and the size should hit six digits any day if not already. It is already out of hand too big as far as the de facto would view it. I heard estimates of up to 50,000 on their last call. Even if it was 15,000 that is still massive and the word has not yet really gotten out anywhere near fully. Tim is still lacking full disclosure, actually lacking any disclosure to speak of. Ok correct me if I am wrong regarding Tim, please. Tim has said numerous things many times that have not come to pass and this needs dealing with if he wishes to keep the Restored America Plan viable. Saying the funding is available is not enough. Saying military support is present is not enough. This started being popular in March 2010. Here we are five months later with numerous unfulfilled statements and not a single sign of anything coming to pass. Come on correct me if I am wrong but please do not shoot the messenger, focus on the message. With Livingston there was some shooting of the messenger, more an was an attack of the message.

Livingston Message – Livingston has made an awfully strong if not superb case for the original constitution (call it Ben Franklin Wet Ink Version) never being properly ratified. We have his work up on our website.

Dale Livingston – The New Plan, The Nation that Never Was

It is hard reading, go slow, take notes. Do a little each day if you must. So we cannot just shrug this off as nonsense. It means there really is no lawful basis for a de jure government. No constitution no de jure. There is no basis for a de facto government either. Tim just shrugs this off as I do not care. Well down the road we might find we built a house on sand if we do not get the Ben Franklin Wet Ink Constitution ratified by the new to be formed state assemblies. Then we would have a lawful de jure structure in place. Apparently everything was always de facto.

Now with the fringed flags etc we are under military rule. How can there be a real military under de facto? Duh, I have no answer. Since the fed is a corporation how can there be a military? I guess it is a de facto military, no other answer. So the state assemblies forming openly, no secrets, ratifying the Ben Franklin Wet Ink Constitution would get us under a constitution then the de facto military submits to the new de jure lawful state militias and becomes a lawful de jure military. This makes sense 100%. It is the state militia that has the right to hold the tribunals, presumably because the offense in question came from enemies within, not without. It is not so easy to follow and also not so hard. Livingston did in fact establish that the constitution (Ben Franklin Wet Ink) was never properly ratified and I for one believe this needs dealing with by any movement. A new constitution could also be ratified but my gosh imagine the months wasted debating this. Not worth. We need to be in a hurry.

Support for Republic of the united States – If you wish to keep supporting Tim and the restored America do so. It is incompatible with the fact that the constitution was never ratified, ie no de jure really possible. I would encourage all of you to push very hard for evidence of funding and military support. We are being told by executive committee members that the military is not on board with the interim government. I see no signs of secrecy in this area lifting which makes me paranoid. It is imperative that you know where the movement is at with these two critical and essential pieces. If these two pieces are lacking it is time to move on in that we do not want to be sitting around five months later with no signs of change. Lacking this and I see no signs of this coming, I would not be too enthusiastic about it with the history of dissidence and unfulfilled commitments. Be friendly with them, offer to them that they can join the new movement etc. I also see no signs of Tim opening the Restored America to other movements, just to individuals. Not a real sign of unity and opening it up. We need unity amongst all movements

Military and Restore Republic Movements – The nice thing about the Livingston/Regan/Tom New Movement is that it can go with or without the military. I do not like depending on a movement that says they have military support, yet there is no confirmation of such support. Come on guys we just went down this road for five months only to see a breaking up. The new movement should have massive members. Other movements will be brought in. Numbers will be massive. Then comes the militia. The idea with the military was to get the nation restored without a fight. THIS WAS USE OF DEADLY FORCE. Got it, nothing but and do not let anyone deceive you about this ever. The military is so strong the idea is resistance would be futile but it is a threat of deadly force and nothing else. So now all of a sudden the militia is no good as some say since it has a bad ring to it. Why. No one is saying start a shooting war. The constitution says we can have state militias, so there I rest my case. That is the long and short of it.

The plan would make the state militias de jure correctly, breaking us out from military rule and thus leaves the military in no mans land unless they come into the fold which is the plan by having them submit to the state militias. If they don't come in under the militia then one can ignore the military and set up a de jure government like turner did but this time you will probably have a few million people in it. See the idea. Vast numbers assure success and increase the odds tremendously of military backing. A de jure government is something if done correctly the military would never mess with or go against. They would probably get on board.

Obama is the perfect storm. In a perverted way he is our friend because he is so well hated and incompetent. Few really know the Bushes for what they are so I would be doubtful about such a movement under Bush going anywhere, but Obama attracts hatred readily since he is such an idiot and even an illegal alien. The military following this kenyan muslim against a de jure government and the land where their relatives, friends etc live in, come on never happen if your movement has large numbers. If you want something with a 100% chance handed to you on a silver platter, it is not going to happen. There is always risk. On the other hand Obama is a sure thing, we know what life will be like under him. A republic belongs to the free and the brave. A house divided will not stand, so get the other movements involved and all come together and united we stand.


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