Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8-23 RAP or new begginning bottom-up very interesting call on Dave Mack's talkshoe

I have not listened to the whole call as yet [I am up to 1hr05mins funny enough after feeling like I have little energy to get into all this just yet and just want a time out after putting so much energy into RAP, you could say kicked off the horse but back on it yeee haaaa lol] but so far is mostly pertaining to improving upon RAP with a bottom-up approach that sounded very positive.
or from the source Dave Mack's talkshoe here

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  1. RAP was a scam. Suggest you listen to "R.A.P-Unwrapped" on youtube by subscriber Montagraph. This guy dug deep and has some answers. Bet this new version of RAP is gonna be the same set up if they open up a new website. As you know, RAP website is shutdown for the past 4 days. Best spend your time getting ready for the collapse instead of following this BS.