Thursday, August 26, 2010

8-22 Tim turners letter to the executive members re Regans Friday & Sunday calls & TT's wkend call & my guess on what is happening

emailed to me from an insider

August 22, 2010

Dear Executive Committee Members,

The phone call on Friday evening was quite enlightening. After my conversation with Mark W on Friday afternoon the impression was that we were going to try to find common ground on these issues. I guess I was wrong and must make an executive decision to protect our people. I told Mark as soon as I could talk ok I would join a call with you. It is clear that I was not invited to the call for obvious reasons. You would have had to be accountable to the truth if I had been. I feel that I have been wounded in the house of a friend. It appears that for whatever reasons you will walk away from the only plan that has a chance to save our country. God is with us in this plan and we will succeed because of him not because of anything that we do. Regan and Tom do not have God’s support and that is obvious from the lies and half truths that Regan spouted on this call. The ignorance you displayed about the Constitution how our nation was founded is appalling. They should not talk about things in public that they don’t understand. Regan should be ashamed in supporting a military coup and martial law for the American people. It is clear to me that this is your agenda and Tom admitted this on a private call with us. Regan was definitely using double speak on the call which is a mind control technique. Some of our jury members picked up on it and let me know.

It is obvious that you are not in control, don’t have a plan and you don’t want God’s plan to succeed. Military intelligence confirmed again yesterday that Tom and now Regan are working for the dark side and they have little or no authority. The higher level people came forward after they saw we did not agree with Tom and his agenda. They told me that they thought that I was involved in the military coup with them at first and later realized that I wasn’t. Tom admitted on the call two weeks ago that no threats had been made and emphatically denied saying that he had made mention of any threats to the Grand Jury members. For these and many other reasons I am compelled to officially accept the resignations of all of the executive committee members who resigned in our meeting about two weeks ago. Since the Grand Juries did not approve the Executive Committee I guess we will have to move on without you for now. I have many friends on the committee who are being mislead and I hope they will rejoin us when they realize it. They are good intelligent men that will see through this farce very soon and I wish them well.

James Timothy Turner

I know you would prefer TT to say this then read and suspect this may not be his words. I suspect from the last blogs mp3 with TT in the background that TT may still have to keep out of site for now re more death threats as we know they the powers that where TPTW would be trying to execute.

In the comments of the last blog is a recorded call with TT that I can not access as I shared in those comments. If you can make a recording please email me. My email is listed at the top.

My guess on the whole situation is Regan and Tom may be getting used or willing agents for the PTW and tried to use RAP as a refunding option but the donating interests held back because of what Regan and Tom where doing ie Florida and condoning threats and the like. TT separated because he knew they where the problem and/or because of attempts on his life. Others may have joined the Regan and Tom and co's efforts to try and get their hands on the 3.5 Million tonnes of gold by starting the latest sub-diversion or at least try to start Martial Law and/or undo TT's and RAP's work.

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