Thursday, August 12, 2010

8-10 Fed is laying off staff lines up with rumors of foreclosed & new treasury online

first thanks to a youtuber timotds who sent me these private messages approved for release
Aug 10
I was told that the FRB's are downsizing their personnel from someone who works for a FRB....
Aug 11
They definitely are keeping a tight lid on things or are trying to. This is where the gag orders come into play. If it were mainstream knowledge of the world court foreclosing on the Fed as a whole, markets would crash, and chaos would ensue before the new money system was put into place. My friend works for one in the southern states and he would never lie to me about people losing their jobs or about certain operations being shifted around to other key frb's. Keep your postings up cause something is definitely happening behind the scenes.

Thanks tim

My comments
I do not think posting this here is going to crash the world markets somehow lol.

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