Saturday, August 21, 2010

8-19 RAP big problems voiced by Sam Davis, Dave Mack, Kym & more on talkshoe.Lets make lemonade out of the lemon or a better 1 now ALREADY BEGINNING

Thanks so much to Megan M. for this.
listen/download mp3 here from my 4shared archive with time
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8-19 mp3 here

Listen to many ex-grand jurors on this call including Sam Davis [45mins & 2hr05m], Kym Louisiana Coordinator (friend of Dave Mack)[58mins]-Sam Davis then Dave Mack [gets on at 2hrs26m & 2hr54m]discharged. Seems like alot of input on Florida coordinator Byron Thayne needs to be removed along with those condoning this Regan and yes the man Tim Turner. Most importantly is the solution offered by Sam Davis and Dave Mack to regroup as we do not have an option.

I have come across some RAP critical articles that all seemed unfounded from my limited investigations. I hope this shows you I am not blindly following this or anything. I have been very careful in not putting up information that would harm RAP and done everything I can to support it. Hopefully that gets you to listen to this if you truly care about freedom. I am not a disinfo agent trying to make people stop working towards this end by making them feel like everything is taken care of otherwise I would not have put this article up.

I was on Dave Mack's talkshoe many times and talked with Sam Davis on his discharging and voiced my feelings then from what Sam Davis said which now funny enough seems to be confirmed by so many on this call. I am not trying to say I was right for my ego but to just say I have been on this for some time. This makes me want to take down all the RAP youtubes especially referring to Tim Turner and supporting there dictatorship in the making. While I am very disappointed in the RAP leadership I appreciate this coming to light so we can now fix this. I am very heartened aswell to know so many good people cared enough to get on this call and persist with all the crap going on. Unfortunately alot have been lost but hopefully those with the strength and know-how can pull together and do the highest good for all and have the others that left join the new movement. Email Dave Mack and put "New Beginning" and volunteer as I have in the subject line per his comments at 2hr54mins.


  1. I would question anyone who still voluntarily participates in the Socialist security program, lets face it, if you have a number your not free, and the validity of the public debt shall not be questioned by any U.S. citizen/slave/enemy of the state.

  2. Heres the True New Beginning, If EVERYONE who stepped into a chamber of commerce did this it would ALL BE OVER !!!!