Thursday, August 26, 2010

8-20 RAP UNEDITED MUST LISTEN to Regan call with Kelby Smith call in exposing sub-diversion trying to undo Tim Turners Republic & cause Martial Law

or from the source

I am AMAZED at this and now know why this call got edited and put out the way it did via an email I received from Dave Mack promoting the 8-22 Dr Dale Livingstone call.

I am very sorry for the delay on getting this out [after receiving it 3 to 4 days ago] to you all as I was winded after the previous 8-19 and 8-20 dubbed calls [I blogged and 4shared] and so just did not have the energy/desire to listen to this. I like to check the information before I put it out. I did send this out to others days ago asking for feedback but never got any other then seeing it on Sovereign Warriors some 12 hours ago. I was just going to share this with you all letting you know I had not listened to it but finally got into it and WOW is an understatement.

42m-recorder of this mp3 CW calls in with very interesting points-58m, 1h19m now Regan wants to open public offices after saying earlier that he could not understand Tim Turner opening offices WTF LOL, 1h22m-interesting FEMA and weird response by Regan, 1h28m-recorder CW outlines what Regan and co are trying to do ie put down the grand juries and activate the militias to incite/provoke Martial Law, 1h30m58s Kelby Smith, 1h32m-this is negating election for Tim Turner as President and name change [1h42m40s-Kelby Smith calls this call recorder]-1h44m, 1h47m BS on Tim Turner (TT) kicked out-1h48m, 1h49m TT separated from Regan and Tom -1h52m[my thoughts-they Regan & co could be blaming the problems they created on TT in order to get people sucked into this BS], Trustee-1h55m33, 2h03m is this the same name?, 2h05m-Grand Juries need to be dormant WTF, *2h07m-Kelby Smith 2h29m, 2h52m here TT in background, 2h53m Question puts up tight agitator on the spot lol, 2h58m55s-Tim Turner in background at 2h59m07s, 41s, 3h00m07s, 3h01m45s, 3h03m22s BEST EVER UNDENIABLE 3h01m-CW we are trying not to go to war with these ie Regan & co


  1. hey scott, dont forget to post the number for tim turner's resopnse.

    Tim Turner Response to call from Friday and Sunday nights: 712-432-1085 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 712-432-1085 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Playback #: 379617#Press 6 to Fast forward for 1 min

  2. thanks a heap indigo i was just about to call that either now or tomorrow as now its 1111pm lol

  3. I TRIED 2 calls 6 access code attempts and did not get in dam. If anyone can and record it please email me email at top

  4. it took me a while to get in too man.. it must be a technical thing..if i can find a recording of that call, i will be sure to send it to u..unless u get one first of course. I'm planning on dismantling the republic resurrection FB group due to inactivity of the members and the split w/ the RAP leadership. I need to spend some time working on myself for a while. hope u understand. i'll leave the group up there for about a month for u to use whatever links you might find useful. glad to be of service dude. peace.

  5. yes my gf tried it 5x and no go so yes and I will email you if or blog it when i get it mate

  6. thanks man, appreciate it :-)