Monday, August 9, 2010

Why the Grand Juries CAN vote to elect interim Representatives like Tim Turner as Interim President for the Republic of the united States of America

submitted by Mark V--thanks


By what right does a de jure Grand Jury have to appoint, elect or for that matter be allowed to vote at all for officials who will hold the offices of the Republic of the united States ?

In the recent elections for the Republic of the united States Government offices, many have questioned the validity of calling on the de jure Grand Jurors to cast the votes – And not include those who have signed the Declaration, nor the general public at large in the process.

I wondered about this as well. I could not find anything even remotely similar in Common Law, or the Constitution.

I remembered a retired Judge who was a former client of a service business I owned in Ohio years ago. My worry was … this guy was really old then, he had to have passed on by now. Gave it shot anyway, and to my surprise he answered the phone on the second ring.

I’ll cut to the chase of the conversation, for those of you who are terminally impatient. And relay some background and other info after this.

I asked him if they (the de jure Grand Jury) had any right to vote for anyone to fill these newly re-inhabited offices.

He said, “Do you vote in elections? I know you do. Are you registered, or do you just show up and say, hey I’m an American Citizen … I wish to vote today. Doesn’t work for you, right? They want an address … to see what district you’re in. And they’ll want to verify you are who you say you are, right? And, whether or not you have been convicted of a felony, right?”

“Okay, Judge. I get all that.” I said, getting as impatient as you are right now. “What does it have to do with members of a Grand Jury having some kind of 'exclusive rights' to vote people in to the Republic’s Government?”

He then went into the best explanation anyone could have given.

“They were in some hurry, yes? They had to get an active form of Government in place so their funding and assurance from others would have validity, or it would soon be withdrawn.

So, who can vote in this emergency election?

Well, who are the inhabitants of this new Republic? Everyone in the country? No. In fact, there are very few who may be considered denizens of this new entity.

One; Only those who have legal separation from the current US Government; a Sovereign in other words.

And Two; They must also have a real or expressed vested interest to the new Republic.

There are only about 1350 people who fit that description. They are the Grand Jurors, yes. But they are also the only verifiable CONSTITUENTS of the Republic at this point. And, who is it that votes in elections? You are not a constituent, so you do not have any right to vote for THEIR leaders. And, that is the very reason it was decided to elect an interim Government. So, they can gain a broader voting base as more people step over. Meanwhile the infrastructure can be put in place for public elections to elect the peoples representatives.”

Wow. I'm thinking ... That makes it perfectly clear.

And, this should put and end to the "Why the Grand Juries got to vote and we didn't" thing.

Makes perfect sense. You can’t vote in Canada , right? You also cannot vote in a Republic you are not yet legally a part of.

But, signing up would definitely get your foot in the door … in case you want to be a part of the next elections.

The Judge made me promise his name would not get plastered all over the internet. (He’d already been all over the TV during his years of presiding in Ohio's highest court) He is now 94 and as been fighting cancer for the last two years. To quote him, "I am not winning." But he is aware of and is following the progress of Rap. He said he wished it would have happened 40 years ago.

His final thought was this:

Folks may wonder if he knows what the hell he is taking about. He does, he said.

And added,

“Has anyone else presented these facts so eloquently?”

Only you, Your Honor. And thank you.

I know he has nailed it - because no one can dispute the pure logic and common sense of this explanation.

I challenge anyone to try.

Mark V


I did have suspicions that this was the way it was but never actually come out with it so thank you Mark V for doing this better then my suspicions could have helped.

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