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8-29 Amazing UFO video supports claim of alien base inside Mt Adams, Washington

Amazing UFO video supports claim of alien base inside Mt Adams, Washington

  • August 29th, 2010 7:24 am HADT
Screenshot of UFO passing trees at ECETI Retreat - approx 50-75 meters away
Photo: ECETI


On August 13, live video was taken of a UFO that emerged out of Mt Adams, Washington State, and flew in the vicinity of 15 people at a private retreat at nearby Trout Lake. According to James Gilliland, owner of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) Retreat, he saw the UFO emerge from what he claims to be a massive ‘interdimensional door” at Mt Adams that is seen as a point of light on the video. The object flew approximately 13 miles towards Gilliland’s ECETI retreat. At one point, the object was only 26 feet above the ground and roughly 50-75 meters away. Gilliland claims that the object is at the very least a UFO, but may be an interdimensional being capable of moving through solid three dimensional objects.

In a phone interview on August 26, Gilliland explained to me that he was filming near the vicinity of the ‘interdimensional’ door at Mt Adams which during the day appears to be a large lava cliff formation on the southern side of Mt Adams. He said the door is “right square in the middle of the mountain.” He said he has earlier traveled up Mt Adams to find it, but “cannot even find a trace” (see slide show for location). At night, Gilliland claims the interdimensional door becomes active and he regularly views UFOs entering into or coming out of what believes is an underground extraterrestrial base. To support his claims, he regularly takes videos of UFOs in the area.

His ECETI Retreat has become best known due to an annual conference where several hundred participants attend evening sky watching sessions. Gilliland’s most recent Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference was held over the July 4 holiday weekend, and hundreds witnessed spectacular UFO sightings. Recently, Gilliland began using an iGen NV20/20 Infrared Camera and was hoping to catch on film anything that emerged from the mysterious door into Mt Adams.

Gilliland explained that he was studying the area near the door with a group of 15 participating in the sky watching event, then an object, according to Gilliland and witnesses, it came out of the door. This is how he described what happened: “We were filming the door, and the door was opening. Then we moved [looked] over to the right side of the mountain. We left the camera running… What happened is that Dwanna [Taul] and I were looking at the mountain and we saw something. And I looked over the camera and you could see it real clear in the camera. So I jumped up and grabbed the camera and filmed it coming right at us.” I asked where the object emerged from in relation to the door, and Gilliland replied: “it looked like it came all the way out of the mountain, out of the door.” I asked Gilliland what color the UFO was when he was looking at it with the naked eye, and he described it as a white light. On the video, it appears as a green light that pulses in intensity and fluctuates in sizes. The UFO traveled an estimated 13 miles before reaching the ECETI retreat, where it made a 90 degree turn towards the West. It then flew in front of some trees before disappearing.

In the latter portions of the video, one sees some kind of rotating field around the object. Jon Kelly, the Vancouver UFO Examiner, succinctly describes what is seen: “In the video, the UFO is shown to roll and tumble during flight. Numerous appendages extend and retract back into a central luminous body. The appendages appear to contain bubbles of dark matter constrained as if by magnetic lines of force creating shapes something like the petals on a flower.” The fluctuating magnetic lines, according to Gilliland, is a sign that it was some kind of interdimensional being able to move through different dimensions.

In an interview with Jon Kelly, the Vancouver UFO Examiner, Gilliland said: “The object has a real strange energy field around it. It's much bigger, much brighter than any of the light spheres or orbs that we're filming. You can tell it's under some kind of intelligent control. The fields of energy coming off of it are phenomenal. At minimum it's a UFO. At maximum it's a[n] ultradimensional being."

Gilliland’s claim of an “interdimensional door” into a base at Mt Adam’s is not as far fetched as it sounds. In the early 1980s, Paul Bennewitz, an electronics wizard, was able to take high speed daytime photos of what appeared to be a UFO entering through what appears to be an interdimensional door at the side of the Archeluta Mesa near the town of Dulce New Mexico. The “interdimensional door”, similar to Gilliland claim in the Mt Adams case, was on the side of a sheer cliff face and looked to be solid rock. The photos taken by Bennewitz (see slide show) show some kind of UFO that moves into the cliff face door. Bennewitz claimed the photo and electronic data he had earlier taken were evidence of an underground alien base at Dulce. Bennewitz’s claims were supported by other whistleblowers. At a 2009 conference at Dulce, conclusive evidence was presented of an underground base at Dulce.


Click here to see video, and click here to see video interview with James Gilliland.

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