Monday, August 23, 2010

8-24 RAP My thoughts & questions on the latest developments

I am now more weary of what is going on then ever with the latest info I have blogged here in the last few days. I have questions on several things and would like to here from both camps. I may keep those questions to myself just for now. I am still on the fence with what is going on and waiting for more information to decide who to support. For the mean time I will remain open as always but share both sides till I can sort out what I think is really going on. I know this will all be resolved inevitably with the new energies coming including those through us via our own prayers. Never forget feeling is the prayer.


  1. I have been watching your blog for a few weeks now. I feel much the same way, when RAP was first mentioned to me and I first downloaded Tim Turners videos off your shared site, I was floored and wanted nothing more than to support this great hopeful skeem. Still, it nags me as a spiritual being, that to support something is to subject yourself to it's rules and agenda's. To be free, perhaps it is more a matter of remaining free of all influences, good or bad. Because all ideas are distortions of the truth. We are all God, bound by no rules, we are love, we are truth.

  2. yes you will love my last youtube favourite of Druanna then on Power of Attorney general then possibly and her micronations idea i am more passionate about then trying to do a whole nation omg lol