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RAP Tim Turner Confirmation?? Drivers License no longer required in California county??

Restore America Plan - Rebuttal - Calif. is no longer requiring driver licenses
Rebuttal to Accusation re: Tim Turner of RAP, No Calif. Driver Lic. Needed Comment
Executive Summary – Tim Turner spoke about ten days ago on an internet talk show and mentioned that he “read” that Calif. is no longer requiring driver licenses. People went nuts. No one could find anything related to this. We found it.
Here is one link but there are many. The internet lists the story often as “Maywood Mexico” even though it is in California.
The story concerns a city in Los Angeles County that was taken over by illegal immigrants politically. This eventually led to the bankruptcy of the city and the city eventually laid off it's corrupt police department. Prior to this bankruptcy (still the same today) the city was know to be an illegal alien sanctuary. Maywood California was the first California City to order its police department NOT to enforce state laws requiring people driving to have a driver license. I expect their underlying motive was to allow illegal aliens who could not get a driver license to drive.
So there was such mention in the media which is where Tim said he got this from. Tim never said he was involved in this process, never said RAP caused or initiated it, he said he just read it.
There was also mention by Tim of a Supreme Court decision with a date given regarding common law. I do not remember the date but if you care to go through the recordings you will find it. Then google the Supreme Court for that date and see one decision speaking about common law a bunch. I did it but did not think it was going to become controversial and did not save it. You can always do the work yourself.
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I posted news of this in my youtube channel comments June 24 here it is
Tim Turner on from 11mins Drivers License no longer required in California. Supreme Court ordered all courts to return to Common Law. 3.5 Million Tonnes of Gold 1st of 3 caches from 300 principles & $18 Trillion from other countries backing Republics. 69 of the 195 countries worldwide now recognise RAP as the official government.
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Restore America Plan - Tim Turner Transcript
Waking Up In America - June 23, 2010 - Transcript of Tim Turner portion.
11:00 into the Interview - Tim Turner (TT ends at 20:06)
from NESARANEWS BLOGSPOT AT precisely below


I found these on my youtube
2010-07-04 1/2 FEMA Evac may not happen as US CORP broke since RAP arrested Bonds
below is all the comments link
Has anyone checked the validity of these accusations ? They say the Bonds are arrested ? OK, who has the Bonds, where are the Bonds. If the bonds are arrested then why haven't RAP taken over ? I am not try to Pop Bubbles here but the LIES just go ON & ON & ON. Tim Turner said that Californians don't have to have a Drivers License any more. I called the CA DMV and this is a LIE. TT said the Supreme Court has Ruled to go back to common law. I've researched it, THIS IS A LIE, Continued.

then later and so above that
Tim Turner said that RAP will be loaned 1 metric ton of Gold to get the republic restored. OK, I metric ton of Gold in ounces is 35,274.6 ounces times say, $1,400 per ounce = $49,384,440. Give me a BREAK TT, your gonna restore the republic with 50 million dollars ? I don't think so. We were told that the RAP already had all the money necessary to restore the republic and now TT is sayin they have to borrow the money, continued.

then later and so above that
The original RAP said they had 790 trillion dollars in Gold, OK Tim Turner where did all that Gold go if you have to go out and borrow 50 million in Gold ? LIES, LIES, LIES, every single thing Tim Turner said in his last broadcast was a LIE. Do you own research and you'll find out for yourself. I'm telling you all RAP is infiltrated and I'll bet $ that pres O has hits out to stop all Grand Jurors. Why else would he pass a law to legally kill Americans right after the declarations came out.

@WulfBand interesting and certainly worth checking out and please email or pm me on what anyone can find so i can share if true
my email under my channel pic

@WulfBand ok very strong words LIES LIES LIES must mean you have proof proof proof of claim so please do give me references of where Tim Turner said what and where and when. Wait the hall mark of a disinfo agent DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ie means NO you have NO back up to your claims otherwise you would give them now, but I am willing to wait and post if you do in my blog where I am sharing this now.

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