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7-14 Censored Gulf news: Roadblocks unconfirmed, writer apologizes

July 14, 3:01 PM Human Rights Examiner Deborah Dupre'

This writer wrote the article, Red Alert Censored Gulf News: Military road-blocks. S. La people leaving based on Intel Hub's "Red Alert" title of its Youtube embedded in the writer's article and her notes taken during last night's program that she reported in the same spirit of The Intel Hub and Project Gulf Impact, providing information in best interest of the public rather than not reporting citizen comments and subsequent negative consequences.

The Examiner article includes: "'We are not conspiracy theorists. We've just been gathering facts that keep coming in. Things are so bizarre down here. Our sources are extremely reliable," said Smith who mentioned a couple of times that the news is not delivered to frighten people, but to help them prepare.'"

The writer reported information in the article with the same intent but with notes taken by listening to the Intel Hub program with occasional, intrusive, loud, internet audio commercial interference, the source of which are still unknown.

Since that Examiner article was published, an unintended and regrettable backlash has occurred for Intel Hub and Project Gulf Impact about road blocks - not the military build-up, the area looking "like Afghanistan," HAARP or other issues of public interest provided in Intel Hub's radio program and reported on Examiner.
Intel Hub has been covering the Gulf catastrophe with integrity, as has Project Gulf Impact and has this reporter attempted on a daily basis.
Intel Hub has released a statement emphasizing possible roadblocks reported by Project Gulf Impact. This writer misreported this solely based on notes taken through the Intel Hub-Project Impact interview last night.
Intel Hub reports that Matt Smith is on record saying that these are unconfirmed reports, as the
The Project Gulf Impact report can now be heard on Intel Hub Radio that has consistently been providing valuable, up to date information through interviews of credible sources.
It was not intended for this writer to the public to attack credibility or cause anyone to attack credibility of Intel Hub or Project Gulf Impact and apologizes for this result. She has urged the public to listen to Intel Hub reputable radio programs and to listen to Project Gulf Impact reports that are obviously in best interest of the people rather than the corporate military.
Due to its public service of excellent reporting, Intel Hub reports are even more frequent now, five days a week, having been picked up by America Freedom Radio.
As Alex Thomas of Intel Hub has stated, it, Project Gulf Impact (and this writer) have "released extremely vital information about Corexit9500, proven credible and valuable source of information."
Project Gulf Impact was the first to release a video documenting the spraying of Corexit under the cover of night, as others had reported but were not believed until documented on film and reported by Intel Hub. Now, Wayne Madsen confirms that the Gulf operation even involves spraying beaches with acid during the night.
Intel Hub emphasizes that it is on record stating that video evidence is necessary in order to issue a confirmed alert. This writer apologizes for alerting the public to what was an unconfirmed report. While Internet rumor is "usually lead by disinformation agents who openly misquote sites in order to discredit them," that was obviously not intent of this reporter.
This writer is sincerely apologetic that her reporting caused problems and wasted resources for Intel Hub and Project Gulf Impact, that are already working around the clock as many people are with information flooding in about the Gulf catastrophe. They and the writer do so in the best interest of the public.
While no excuse or justification, the writer works solo, without luxury of a copy-editor, and endeavors to bring needed updates and valuable information to the public.
Lafitte Mayor Timmy Kerner reported this morning that reports of military road blocks are unfounded. It has been confirmed, however, that "USNORTHCOM has admitted that they are preparing military operations within the United States," "the first time in history this has been done and they will be working with DHS, state and local law enforcement on U.S. soil," reports Intel Hub and numerous other credible sources.
One S. Louisiana resident reports this morning that the military build-up could be a supply convoy.
"Could be supply convoy sighted or the big cheeses in this rat race for they are on the move everywhere."
In the second week of May, a Houma, Louisiana woman explained in person to the writer that "most of the military movement down around Houma is during the night," concurring with reports on Intel Hub of midnight maneuvers.
Lesson learned: The writer needs access to recording equipment so that inadvertent, injurious errors such as this never occur again.

Stay tuned to Intel Hub Radio for Gulf interviews and inside information updates on the greatest humanitarian catastrophy in recorded history and unprecedented military operation.

Want to extend compassion required for Gulf Coast region victims to survive? Please See: 10 Gulf humanitarian aid and self-help projects

Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival." Dalai Lama

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