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2010-07-04 1/2 FEMA Evac may not happen as US CORP broke since RAP arrested Bonds

2010-07-04 2/2 FEMA Evac may not happen as US CORP broke since RAP arrested Bonds


Since the disaster in the Gulf, many stories have been circulating in the mainstream media and on the Internet, some fact, and some fiction. One can be led astray very easily. Now even my trusted sources are coming out with information that seems to be fear mongering when analyzed critically. This led me astray temporarily, but I am now the wiser for it. Since, I have been more critical of fear mongering sources. My intention is to help inform to the best of my ability and encourage great discernment and preparation for the worst while expecting and manifesting the best. Now below is the latest summary of what I think is really going on and is quite exciting and at least thought provoking.

Truth or Fear Mongering?

With all the recent stories going around about the BP oil spill, its hard to separate fact from fiction. That’s why sources are so necessary to discern what is the real truth. Articles like the recent one on Morningliberty.com,[1] titled “Which Came First? – Gulf Oil Spill – Martial Law – NOW,” dated 6/30/2010, presents an interesting claim but has a lack of sources. This article posts an Evacuation map sourced from an email received from Chet Lockett, supposed retired Military, but a Google search found a Chet Lockett died in 1999. How many Chet Lockett’s do you think there are in the US retired Military? Chet Lockett never states in the email where he got the evacuation map from. For all we know, he or whom ever is possibly impersonating Chet Lockett, has done this themselves with no input at all from any inside FEMA source. Then Chet goes on about UN troops, NorthCOM and SouthCOM.

When you go to the original article, Chet Lockett references Richard Hoagland and his statement about the gas bubble that has the potential to be as big of an explosion as Mount St. Helens and cause a tsunami. I have been following Richard since 1998 and have a lot of respect for his work, but I think Richard may have been lead astray as this story was deemed a hoax in this article[2] found on Nesara News, using science and common sense to back up the author’s claim. Another post on Nesara News links a radio show also claiming Richard’s statement is disinformation.[3]

In addition, another article in Nesara News, “Oil Spill - Former Kansas State Trooper Advises Gulf Coast Residents to EVACUATE Area - FEMA Now Involved” says, “There MAY be an organized effort to move people as soon as 24-48 hours after July 4th, 2010. HAWK and Greg Evensen JULY 1 2010 Greg Evensen -- Former KS State Trooper Participated in Writing Disaster plans Sources in Law Enforcement Military & Intelligence VOCs -- Volatile Organic Compounds in the air Evacuation Plans to begin after Independence Day holiday Need to evacuate -- but you need to PRE EVACUATE FEMA release HQ-10-129.”[4] Attached to this article is a you tube video[5]

and call for financial assistance to be sent care of Steven Quayle. Now, I listened to that you tube video and they don’t give any sources, only “all of the available information” and somehow we are supposed to believe this Former State Trooper has inside information.

I would ask why is so much detail given to what to do and none at all on the source? Does a State Trooper have connections with current FEMA plans to evacuate the Gulf? Why are other youtubers like Mamaokie say “Makes it hard to trust and believe Greg when he is always telling us shtf is JUST about to happen...then nothing. Such as ALERT: forced vaccinations last fall.” Then FEMA’s own article[6] does not support the claim here of an evacuation at all but instead simply details the type of assistance they will give to Texas because of Hurricane Alex. In the interview with Hawk and Greg Evensen, Greg analyzes the amount of supplies that FEMA is providing due to the hurricane and speculates that the exaggerated amount of supplies is to also be used in the evacuation of the gulf states. None of this proves that FEMA is now involved in the BP oil disaster.

I think HAWK and Greg, may be disinformation agents or unwitting fear mongers like William Cooper suggests regarding Alex Jones, in the audio referenced below. In this audio, you can hear Alex Jones whipping people up into fear to get them to do something against what could be true help, a Restore America Plan (RAP) backed Military (see below). RAP utilizes State/Republic Defense Forces (SDF),[7]

National Guard or FEMA,
to possibly really look after people in the Gulf of Mexico and possibly even address the old FEMA Wackenhut goons now working for BP.[8] There is so much fear of FEMA because of Katrina but it’s the goons you need to watch out for. Could FEMA be broke and hence the shift of these goons to BP? Kelby Smith, the Restore America Plan’s State/Republic coordinator for California says, “something is planned for the next 7 days for the Gulf and the US CORP will probably try to spin this” this interview was on the morning of July 1 so that means by July 8.[9] Coincidentally, later that night, Hawk interviewed Greg Evensen and Greg said that "There MAY be an organized effort to move people as soon as 24-48 hours after July 4th, 2010." Could this be the spin that Kelby was talking about? I think so. I would trust Kelby over HAWK any day.

Steven Quayle shared on The Alex Jones Show[10]******

last year during the Swine Flu scare, that 400,000 UN Troops are hiding in the bushes in the US somewhere. We need to investigate and find any credible sources on this. The only source I would trust now on this is Retired Joint Chief of Staff, Al Cuppett.[11]


I am not saying Chet Lockett, Steven Quayle and Richard C. Hoagland’s claims are wrong, just highly questionable and in need of some investigation and confirmation from reputable sources, before we go running scared. These sources could also be unaware of the RAP changes going on now. And how could they know, as these RAP changes would be happening as secretly as possible in order to protect the White Knights involved from sabotage and assassination. So do not expect them to come out till the snakes are out of money or out of the way, which I now suspect is not far off.

Where is Fema?

FEMA’s website[12] has a list of Emergency declarations that they are currently working on sorted by date. Currently, there is NO LISTING for the Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill. Do they not need to declare an emergency to get at the emergency funding? According to the FEMA Wikipedia page,[13] “The governor of the state in which the disaster occurs must declare a state of emergency and formally request from the president that FEMA and the federal government respond to the disaster.” The US corporation president, Barack Obama, has not declared an emergency for the Gulf yet after 75 days. However, Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency, although has not officially requested FEMA’s help.[14] I thought that maybe he had ill feelings towards FEMA because of their negligence with hurricane Katrina, but then I found an article that stated, "But Jindal said he had a lot of respect for the current FEMA chief, Craig Fugate, and his team. "There is a sense of momentum and a desire to get things done," the governor said."[15] Obama has been trying to get BP to pay for the disaster clean up, but if FEMA is called in, then federal funds will need to be used to help with the disaster. Could it be that Tim Turner is right and the reason FEMA hasn’t been called in is because the bonds have been arrested and they have no funds to work with?

Remember Tim Turner saying, "90% of the US Military is now supporting RAP and 70% of the alphabet agencies," here on this mp3[16] in the first minutes from his America Can Be Free Talkshoe dated 5/19/2010[17] also here Tim says (at 3 minutes) "Supreme Court sites saying we are going back to Common Law" and, (at 5 minutes) "the United States Corporation is going away, it's over. The United States Corporation is broke. It was announced on Fox News 2 days ago. We knew that and we know they're broke. We arrested their bonds and they can’t get money and that is why they are broke and they are going to stay broke, because we are not going to bond them until they repent and do the right thing and then we are not going to bond them. We are going to bond our people. There is no way out of what they are into. It's over. That ship is sinking, and the rats are trying to get off of it now before it goes down. Things are changing. It's a little slow in coming but it is about to get escalated."

A guest stated on RAP Texas coordinator Dave Mack's Talkshoe, Dallas Debt Discussion 6/28/2010 that she read a news article on 6/27/2010 that Former FEMA director was asked why FEMA was not down in the Gulf of Mexico? They said they did not have any money. A second lady said she heard on Mike Huckabee’s[18] TV show former FEMA Secretary Tom Ridge say the same thing “they had no money.”[19] I have not been able to confirm these comments yet from the news sources.

Numerous emergency declarations have been announced by Obama since April 20 when the BP oil spill started. Below you will see many examples of the goons jumping at any chance they can to declare a state of emergency for FEMA activation while Obama is not for the Gulf. Why is that? Web bot[20] predicts that if they do try to evacuation the gulf states, it will backfire on them as it is too big for them too handle. Could funding be the Achilles' heel causing them to rethink their agenda?

This Examiner.com article "Alert: Gulf Co mass evac plans confirmed, millions Am refugees"[21] seems to point to state emergency departments assisting in the disaster, but no mention of FEMA in this quote, "CEMA [California Emergency Management Agency] officials have been briefed on the planned evacuations by counterparts in the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and the Florida Division of Emergency Management." This quote needs to be confirmed.

Then I found this story with a video[22] that says that the president is blaming the governors for not using all available National Guard troops and the governors say they've tried but they are being stopped. So something really strange is going on here. This could again be a lack of money or the State Defense Forces preference by the troops, hence the comments from the FEDs blaming Jindal.

The Congress.org article in the above referenced you tube video, “National Security Letter and National Guard” talks about how Obama threatens 14 governors with arrest and, “warning that if their actions in attempting to form what are called State Defense Forces are not halted they will face "immediate" arrest for the crime of treason.” State Defense Forces, “are military units that operate under the sole authority of a state government.”[23] The Congress.org article further states, "Obama, in fearing a revolution against him by the States, this report continues, has moved swiftly against them, including nationalizing nearly all National Guard Forces," in Minnesota, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, and perhaps Texas too.” “Though Obama may have taken from these dissident States their National Guard forces, the Governors of the States of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia still have under their sole command their State Defense Forces to go against US Federal forces.” This is starting to paint a very interesting picture.

FEMA’s Involvement in Other Disasters

George W. Bush declared an emergency for Katrina 8/26/2005[24] while FEMA’s website says 8/28/2005 for Florida and Louisiana says 8/29/2005, the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall. I find this very interesting that the Whitehouse website says this declaration was made 2 days before FEMA’s. Seems like they are trying to hide the fact that it was declared 3 days before it hit. And again we see on 8/11/2004, Florida governor, Jeb Bush, issued a state of emergency declaration due to the impending threat Hurricane Charley presented to the state while Charley was still located south of Jamaica 575 miles (937km) south of Florida’s Key West.[25]


This is a wild call to me for how would Jeb Bush have known Charley was to hit Florida? We know they more then likely planned it and used HAARP to steer Charlie, but this shows again that they can’t wait to declare an emergency to bring FEMA in. So what’s stopping them now? Seems like their broke.

11/4/2005 - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness are coordinating with other federal, state and local agencies to clean up and reduce the environmental impact of the oil spills in Louisiana. This article[26]


shows that FEMA has been involved in the past with an oil spill, although I'm not sure if a state of emergency was declared on this incident or not. This again raises the question, where are they now?

A prime example illustrating how out of control fear mongers and rumors can get, is the William Cooper radio show about Alex Jones spreading fear about Y2K.[27] In this episode, William Cooper plays clips of Alex Jones on his own radio show, leading people to believe that Russia will attempt a nuclear attack on America. Many things stated on this show, William Cooper was able to disprove. How many stories on the BP Oil Spill are lies meant to put the public into fear mode?

In conclusion, I think we all need to learn how to discern better and start questioning fear-provoking articles with questionable sources more and also looking at positive signs like these in more depth.

We also need to focus on supporting what we do want, like taking our country back from the US Corporation and restoring the republic by signing up as a supporter to RAP in the new site http://www.restoreamericaplan.net/ and getting as many others to do the same and give them this link http://www.restoreamericaplan.net/rap-net-news/ for Information Calls. Let’s take on the challenge issued by Dave Mack on his last talkshoe, to show the Military and other White Knights they have support. Instead of criticism and demands, we need to practice compassion and consideration for their sacrifices in great adversity and need for secrecy. Secrecy is needed for saving themselves from assassination and sabotage. This is a war and sometimes in war the other side delays you from scoring as soon as first thought. Remember, there are at least two teams here, RAP and the Old World Disorder. They are not giving up without a fight. The question is, what needs to be done and doing it.

Lastly, don’t forget feeling is the prayer. To learn more about this, watch my youtube playlist on "Science of Miracles" by Gregg Braden, and see bladder cancer disappear in 3 minutes live on an ultrasound, in a Taoist healing centre in China.[26] So be mindful of your feelings, as it seems some 250 plus Scientific studies show feelings help create your reality, which is our reality. [27]

What we want can only happen, not when we hoped by some date, but only when the energy/feeling/consciousness is right. To quote Einstein, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." If you are not part of the solution i.e., frustrated/hopeless/demanding, then you're a part of the problem. Practice imagining the feeling of what it would be like if this all works out. Just imagine how would you feel, and stay in that feeling/meditation for 2 minutes to have a powerful effect in helping create this reality, whether you believe it is going to happen or not.

Have fun with this and make it rain, as I think I have many times, beyond a shadow of a doubt, just as the Native American did in the "Science of Miracles." Relax and allow yourself to think for two minutes, what if it did happen.[28]


Use this to create what you want in your life. Trust, faith, hope and perseverance go along way. There is a lot of science that shows our inner feelings create our outer reality. Dr. John Hagelin discusses this in “What the Bleep Do We Know”[29]

and in his own videos.[30] This is what we have to realize, because the fear mongers and the NWO are using this to their advantage by trying to keep the uninformed public in fear through negative news and propaganda, i.e., control by fear, aka psychological warfare. So when ever you feel fearful, ask who is doing this and why?

Please email me if you can find any evidence to support or disprove any of this ASAP to thankyouwhiteknights@gmail.com

In Joy my friends,




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