Sunday, July 11, 2010

7-11 RAP & Prosperity Packages for New Gold Backed Currency - John's Commentary of current events

Time for a wee bit of commentary and opinion from Johnny ---

1) Take out a dollar and look at the side with the image on it. On the lower right is a signature of the Secretary of the Treasury. BUT on the lower left is the signature of a Puerto Rican-- ??? What? No Way? BS? Ready - The Fascist Corporate Treasury IS located in Puerto Rico and that is why the illegal IRS is registered and licensed to operate in Puerto Rico. Okay - next step

2) The Private Side connected with the Republic Is Collecting and relocating all the Trillions and Trillions of Stolen Gold to a republic controlled facility. The military is Fully supportive and presently engaged in this operation. This will be used to support the new "Gold-Backed Treasury".

3) RAP is waiting on the completion of these activities so the actual restoration activities which will be visible can start. You need physical gold bullion in safe keeping to support the Restored Republic.

4) Did you read the latest Chris Story info? He is respectable, genuine and ain't no Ghost! It appears Bush and Obama are still trying to do the blocking game on the settlements. The 'men with guns' observations are true and they have been given there last warning. They and the evil empire Federal Reserve are going down now!

5) Farm Claims Persecution has Stopped. I was informed that as of 3 weeks ago the Federal Department responsible for these activities was closed down and all there lawyers have been dismissed. They have been doing there illegal persecutions for over 10 years and now closed down. Why? The Farms Claims participants are the initial distribution per the Prosperity Packages. Very Interesting.

6) Prosperity Packages deliveries ARE CONFIRMED in Asia, Canada and Europe. One I personally know in Hong Kong has confirmed to me he has his packet. They should have been underway in the States but no confirms yet. Why? This is my personal "speculation" - Asia, Canada and Europe all have 'Gold-Backed' currency and we do not. Perhaps we are waiting for the completion of the gold storage activities per (2) and (3) above. And is Bush and Obama still blocking? Don't know yet!

7) Last week's Bank Of America attempted heist of our funds in my opinion/speculation, was a sting & setup to shake out the bad guys and it worked! Our White Knights are pretty smart boys! Bank Of America and Deutsch Bank have been taken over and some bank management have been arrested & removed.

8) RAP Grand Juries are now working and actively correcting the wrongs against the people. It is being done case after case and in secret. But It is happening. Of special concern are the illegal foreclosures.

9) Notice that all the Restore activities are in time and sequence with Our Loving LORD's messages. The HOUR OF WONDER is now starting. Your prayers and sincere Thanks To Our LORD would be appreciated.

Thank You LORD, Again.

GOD Bless America, Again!

GOD Bless You And Yours,

John MacHaffie

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