Saturday, July 10, 2010

7-10 RAP delay? Coast Guard to Costa Rica to actually stop INVASION while Obama is promoting?

Headline relates to my previous post


other options of this move in the Navy movements could be #1-up to no good ie more of the same like Afganistan supposed war on Al-CIA-da but seems to be for profits in weapons, Iran and drugs. #2-running from possible RAP backed Military #3-Tsunami, or the like, but doubt

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Invasion Mexican drug cartels in heavy artillery buildup at border
July 10, 2:12 PM Conservative Examiner Anthony G. Martin

New information concerning the growing problem along the southern border may indicate that an invasion of the U.S. is imminent by Mexican drug cartels.

The following information and photos indicate that the cartels are engaged in a massive buildup of heavy artillery aimed at the United States along the Mexican border.

According to sources who witnessed the buildup, the para-military camp operated by a drug cartel is just across the southern border, not far from Laredo, Texas:
"We have a big problem with our borders and anyone who doesn't agree needs to look closely at what is down I 35 South of us and think again! Zetas camp and weapons reportedly found near Higueras Mexico which is not far from Laredo, Texas. The patches on the uniforms are from the Zetas gang that is affiliated with Mexican and Guatemalan drug cartels."

The Army discovered this outpost and took the following photos as proof that these lawless thugs are using U.S. 'open borders' policy to launch an attack on our own citizens on our own soil. Those who live near the southern border in Texas, Arizona, and other states in the region are in great danger.

One source states the following:

"I truly believe many extremists are already within our borders and it's a matter of when and time, they attack. You can keep your heads in the sand as long as you like, but this country is being set up for an attack, and this O'bama Adminisration could care less about it's southern borders. Politics has taken the place of truth. These pictures are worth a thousand words and all who wish to stay blind to what's coming to our country and what is already here, may God have mercy on our souls. Arrogance and denial doesn't affect only our leaders. Americans have much of both."

Note that among the arsenal discovered along the Mexican border there are grenades and grenade launchers, as well as other heavy military-style artillery:

Rather than deal with the critical problem of illegal aliens and the obvious planned invasion from across the southern border, the Obama Administration chose instead to go after the citizens of Arizona who are merely trying to protect their lives and property.

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