Thursday, July 29, 2010

7-27 deleted Official Press Release for the Republic of the United States of America

I emailed the Repbulic's Press Officer listed on the pdf and found out what I had previously put up here and in my youtube was a draft that was not authorized for release. I have been promised a final draft asap. I will of course blog and youtube that asap.


  1. Scott- I have listened to you on talkshoe calls and I can tell you are pro-RAP but if I may ask- please act responsibly when you post any news & updates once you have conducted your own due diligence about them and you have confirmed their validity and authenticity. Otherwise you may do more harm than good. I recall you went through this before about posting on youtube something that you should not have by jumping the gun. I thank you for your support, fervor and enthusiasm just don't let it overwhelm you.
    This is a crucial time for all to have valid and precise information from an official capacity.
    God Bless you.

  2. Hi
    If you are referring too the 1 Sam Kennedy had Dave Mack have me take down and is now back up "2010-4-23 NWO defeated now as success of Restore America Plan done deal" then I do not know how I was wrong my friend. I was only validated by my true support and encouraged and assisted by Dave later too put it back up. I do not want to put up info that can hurt the movement so that is why I took down the last while telling all where it was from and that I was checking it out for its validity and that I would inform of what I found out asap. Somebody had released it on 1 whole day or more before me. I have since tried to get John Machaffie to take his down but he will not as he thinks by leaving the label Unofficial is ok. I let JM know all along the emails too and from Press Officer and Security. I have a problem with JM leaving his up that as it is a draft and seems to have errors ie"of instead of for the united States". That is now in the hands of the Republic's Security. The other thing is how does a draft official press release get out? That is the real problem. Once the genie is out of the bottle ie on the net it is almost impossible to put it back in. Alot of info on the net is not true and I do not tell people all I put up is the truth, but I do my best to inform as accurately as I can and as quickly as I can. Tim Turner said he would do a press release in afew days on Wednesday on Waking up in America and this was released Tuesday so I figured that might have been it. If sources are not coming forth or unable to be validated but I feel may be true then I put it up with no intent to misinform or harm. What I have done should show you I have more integrity not less then you thought. I can only hope. I really do not know what else I should have done different other then wait for a reply from the Republic's Press Officer . That I thought could have taken alot longer then it did. With Dave I could have checked with him it was ok to post his talkshoe but I figured it was already on the net so it was out of the bag and there was no copyright or waiver for that purpose. I pride myself in putting up info that is positive in helping bring change and not disinfo that can cause confusion and ill feeling with criticism unfounded as I see on anothers site so much of late towards RAP. Although I am not naive enough to follow anything blindly and never question it. I am constantly questioning my whole interpretation on reality when new info comes in to answer the 5 key questions but mostly Why? I also am 1 who learns from my experiences ie mistakes quickly.
    Thank You my anonymous friend