Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7-7 Restore America Plan (RAP) update Tim Turner & Kelby Smith on Waking Up in America

updated ie many additions at 4:03pm AEST after part of below posted at time shown at bottom which is AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Tim Turner was not on and they never really talked about anything significant on RAP if anything. I found out after I first posted this, but still some very interesting info.
exact show here from aboves "TUNE IN HERE" link to the show NOT THE ARCHIVED RADIO SHOWS then click July below the player then the July 7 show to end up below to listen and download

also a very interesting guest on healthy living areas ie lights and homes materials effect our hormones. Hormone disruptor's also called endocrine disruptor's. Hormones are part of our endocrine system. Life force suckers the new cement used since 1930's.

RAP talk from 27mins briefly then some time after 40mins where I am up to now.

Kelby Smith gets very concerned about the 1st ever Russian ship in San Fransisco not knowing they are not the big boogy men, in my opinion. The NWO set-up the cold war between Russia and the US after WW2 when they where both allies. How did they all of a sudden become foes? It was a set-up to enslave through the Military-Industrial-Media-Complex. I watched a great movie on this addressing 911 "Why We Fight"
[ALL BELOW just added to my youtube favourites here]
Why We Fight trailer

Why We Fight Part 1 of 10
(above I watched in 2006 and think it would be an excellent movie to share with the unawakened as it is very sublte but powerful in getting people to think and question)
and Alex Jones "TerrorStorm"
Terrorstorm trailer

TerrorStorm Full length version

which both get into how all the wars have been set-up. The only thing to fear is fear itself and the lady on after Kelby gives a great solution. If you are fearful of the Russians go search my youtubes for Russia and Putin. Putin seems to be against the NWO the US Corporation not the American people.
Putin was right he acted to prevent WW3-La Rouche
Admiral Mike Mullen (who Tim Turner mentioned will probably pay an interesting visit to Obama I think to say "come with us please sir" lol also went to Russia last year before Obama to talk with the Russian Generals here in my youtube playlist 3rd row down 2 vids in
US Military White Knight News
also watch the 3rd and 4th in above to get an idea about Admiral Mike Mullen. Mullen was also mentioned as being approached by Retired Joint Chief of Staff Al Cuppett in another of my youtube playlists that Al Cuppett is talking
Pentagon Joint Chief of Staff Action Officer Ret Al Cuppett

Then you also have Russia involved in a gold backed money system here in another of my playlists
BRIC Countries solve Dollar Collapse using National Currency

I am not saying they the Russians are all good and not to be cautious. No way, do that in anything and you could be deceived.

Here is the home page description on the WUIA show
Kelby Smith and CW Wright will be bringing news updates about The New Republics.

Hear Tim Turner's latest comments and Join Doctor Val as she speaks with Nonnie Chrystal who is Co-Builder of “The Greenest House In The World” according to FOX News. This building phenomenon called Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome™ (FSGE™— has also received global coverage in USA Today. She is also the President of Health Gems™ (, a business offering unique, high-frequency, wellness products.

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