Thursday, July 29, 2010

7-28 Crooks including Obama taken to the Hague Court for treason

Circus Ring 1 - Summary of what is Really Going On Now - Hague Court!
We are now have a 3 ring circus going on and many are confused.
Disinfo agencies cherish confusion.
I do not so let's see if I can summarize what is going on with circus ring 1 to the best of my understanding.

Hague Court arraignment of the Bad Guys

I rec'd 3 separate Skype messages about this (This is a Real Time News Blog) and decided to post my short alert on the blog. It was getting close to going viral on the net. I don't make BS up, just relaying the intel. And I then waited to see what comes in!

I rec'd more information which explains what is happening. The entire crew of Bad Guys is being brought up on charges per the illegal war activities against other nations, illegal drug running, violations against humanity, illegal financial transactions and illegal blockage of settlements. Chris Story (A credible source) has exposed most of this and now disappeared. I would like to think he is being hid and protected but I also am concerned about his life - we don't know yet.

Obama is being seen here on TV. No way some say and I asked the same question to my sources. I have also been informed of two scenarios. 1) - Obama was allowed to do his media events as president of the corp. government and then flown back under interpol escort to Hague. 2) - All the bad guys have doubles to fill in. Chris Story reported on clones (which I have a problem with) but then remember the "Avatar" movie. Were did they get that idea from?

Last words I received is several high members of congress, business execs and several high level political families including O have been arraigned in Hague. Whether they have been detained or allowed to fly back is unknown at this time.

And this little tidbit came in from a reader posted under comments

"Just heard the Bushes, Cheney and their counterparts have fled Texas in route to their Paraguay ranch. Confirmed thru sources at Ft. Hood. Somethings up people. Is Interpol after them? Is the Gulf of Mexico fixing to explode? Hang on to your hats folks!"
July 27, 2010 8:33 PM

Remember Poofness saying 'all will change within 30 days'! Poofness may be right again!
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:20 AM

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