Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chris Story killed execution style on July 14th

This has been rumored and now confirmed by multiple sources.

Chris Story has been killed execution style on July 14th while walking the street in London.

This was the result of his last posting on July 10th. Therein are his murderers.

GOD Bless You Chris for everything you have done for us.

John MacHaffie
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:34 AM
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Bless you Chris Story for all you have done.
Here is all I have youtubed of Chris Story starting with my 1st ever youtube.

World Global Intel by Chris Story

From the above playlist this is 1 part of 3 with Chris Story giving some good info
Christopher Story - EU Corruption Part 1
If I never found his website in an effort to verify Sheldan Nidle, I probably would not be doing what I am now and would not have done all I have in the last 2 years online. Chris Story did certainly help in more ways then we all could know right now. I found Chris via Connecting the Light's Mike Quinsey whom I think is behind I found Chris Story does have about 5 articles on NESARA.

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