Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Great Rumors of Global Currency Revaluations including Dinars RV ready US Banks WOOOOO HOOOOO

Rodney's Intel and Restore America call 10 EST Last Night

Rodney's Intel and Restore America call 10 EST Last Night
Here are a couple of pieces of reliable intel, if you haven't heard this already.
Here goes!
The 1st is from a friend of mine (Dr. Drew) from here in Ohio.
Quote" Hey guys. I just spoke to our local 5th 3rd branch and they are gearing up for an rv (imminently). They are bending over backwards for the business with the amount of dinar we will potentially hold but I wanted to let you know that it wasn't a friend of a friend rumor but the actual bank manager that called me back today. She said all the branches have been preparing for this lately. I don’t care for their process as far as the amount of time it takes to cash out the bulk of your money but it was good info anyway."
The 2nd bit of information has a lot of juice, so don't get any on ya!
This was sent over to me from Thing 1.
"THANK GOD THE CHINESE STEPPED IN TO GET DELIV'S GOING! LOOK TO MON, PLEASE KEEP PRAYING! KEEP DECLARING that DELIVERIES & ACCESSING START NOW, & that BANKERS & OPPONENTS ARE BOUND FROM TRYING TO STEAL FUNDS, DELAYING or INTERFERING.•••KEEP PRAYING FOR CHINESE WHO ARE FINALLY GETTING DELIVERIES GOING: Apparently the Chinese stepped in immediately this weekend to take over the delivery process and FINALLY GET DELIVERIES STARTED! P's newsletter is below. P heard from his sources that the Chinese do not speak empty words--they mean what they say and say what they mean. The heavy duty lender heard today from his funding banker contact, a woman banker named "M" in Phoenix, AZ, who is a VP of a sizeable bank there. She reported that she and other funding bankers were told that they would be servicing all of us program recipients in the 60 programs in North America, when we come into the banks starting tomorrow, Mon 31 Jan, with our delivery-notices to access our fines & penalties accounts. The heavy duty lender heard that level 3 deliveries may be starting as early as tonight, Sun 30 Jan, and was told to be looking out tomorrow onward. Also 19 countries of the Paris accord were reported to have revalued their currencies over the weekend, also under the leadership of the Chinese, and several former Secretaries of Treasury were called to a meeting at the US Treasury in DC today, Sun 30 Jan, to be briefed on the currency revaluations and deliveries. THANK GOD FOR USING THE CHINESE TO GET THINGS MOVING FINALLY!"
There you go! You go it 1st! Enjoy! Gotta go! Enjoy!

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