Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Military supporting the Republic? with the deprogramming will start during the big game

Is a message being sent? A couple interesting tidbits from out there:

Did Anyone Else Hear the Message in the Fringe Commercial?
The message said:

"The deprogramming will start during the big game."

My take on everything that is going on... from the crises in the middle east... to Bernanke finally feeling the heavy boot of the American congress who are refusing to give him the right to keep printing worthless month... to the unusual weather... add a few other things that I know but can't say... and I believe we are finally seeing the end of the new world order.
And as you know... when a people have been lied to for hundreds if not thousands of years.. it takes a bit to wake them up... deprogramming the masses at a superbowl is a great idea.

"VIDEO: Joe Gibbs, Donovan McNabb Read Declaration Of Independence Before Super Bowl XLV
The running joke (well, maybe that's not the right word) is that the NFL is essentially an extension of the military, given the violent nature of the sport and all. In an attempt to feed this perception, the NFL just ran a long advertisement that featured a reading of the Declaration of Independence.
The men leading the charge? None other than our own Joe Gibbs and Donovan McNabb. Gibbs is a legend around these parts for his work as the Redskins' head coach, and McNabb is, at least for now, a member of the current Redskins. I suppose it makes a tiny bit of sense to have them leading the charge, since they are associated with our nation's capital, but it's still not the two people you probably expected.
The segment as a whole, for what it's worth, was just awkward. I guess I understand the connection between football and our American heritage, but was an entire reading of the Declaration really necessary? Did it really provide anyone with a sense of American pride, or did it really just reinforce that we're a country that cares way too much about a violent game?"

OK now. Watch the video. What a message. Super Bowl – biggest media event, able to connect with more Americans at one time than any other option in the media (New record 111 million watched). NFL does 6:38 commercial with all kinds of stars and military personnel reading the Declaration of Independence (at $3,000,000 for 30 seconds = $39,000,000 tv spot! Largest spot ever????). A spot this big, in this biggest media event ever, kinda out of place for such a thing. What does it mean. Is the US Military communicating to the American people? What do you think?

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