Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sheldan Nidle next 2 Interviews on Tomorrow this Wednesday 2-9 & next 2-16 with Dr Val on Waking Up In America SNAP

Wednesday, February 9, 10 pm EST or 7 pm PST
Interview featuring Sheldan on Ohio Exopolitics with Mark Snider
To Listen:
Click Here

Wednesday, February 16, 12 pm PST (noon)
Interview featuring Sheldan on Waking Up In America with Dr. Val
To Listen:
Click Here

I am so impressed that Dr Val Kirkgaard is having Sheldan Nidle on Wednesday next week with the whole panel of sovereigns that are fully supporting the Republic for the united States of America. HOW KEWL I can't wait for this 1.

I just spoke with Druanna again and said lets do this interview with Sheldan already, lol. Looks like Dr Val is beating us (probably the only others into the Republic and Sovereignty from all those interviews I know and share see under KEY INFO at top for the youtube playlist of 150 vids and 30+ mp3 shows)to him, lol.

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