Saturday, February 5, 2011

Understanding what is going on in Egypt, Jordan & the illusion the Dark create with their Main Stream Media

I thought this was pertinent to explain again as I have come to re-understand with current events. If you check the different sources of news you will come to understand the agenda behind them and why they show what they do. I experienced this in the face during the S11 protests in Melbourne on September 11, 2000. Yes exactly 1 year before 9-11 makes you think even then maybe the organizers of the World Economic Forum (WEF) that we where protesting at new what was to happen. Anyway I participated in the 3 days up front with about 30,000 others and even got on to Main stream media (MSM) in a scuffle/harmless pushing with Police in a blockade I had helped shut down in order to stop a Bus with WEF Officials from arriving. I led a charge against about 15 odd Horses with Police in order to stop them from rushing and ramming us like I had just experienced earlier. Out the front of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Planet Hollywood at this Melbourne Casino where this World Economic Forum was held I joined the back of a 4 deep wall of people against a row of 1 or 2 deep Police and joined the pushing and then witnessed a man immediately to my right get knocked down to the hard bitumen road by a Police on the back of a Horse and was knocked unconscious. I actually felt the Horses hoof slide off my right shoe that is how close I came to the action. That is why I lead the charge against the Horses straight after the wall of cops stood aside for I knew what the plan was. I yelled out lets stop them or rush them and everyone the whole wall of people joined in. I had 2 horses 1 on each shoulder, lol. We stopped them cold on the spot stopping them from getting anywhere. I talked to their riders and luckily they never got into beating us. I said are you aware that these people let 30,000 people die per day because of lack of food? The cops tried not to look at my eyes but they where certainly I think thinking about what I had said. Just after this when the horses backed off the cops on foot came back and some unnamed cop was behind the barrier in a white suit trying to grab and hit people and even take this girl that was in the group I came down with from Brisbane, so I grabbed her and called for help and we stopped her from being taken.

Anyway I saw on the news all the 5 different MSM channels their coverage including my nans video tapes with me in them at that last scuffle saving the girl and saw the spin corporate media (CM) was putting vs the non-corporate ABC at that time. The Since the ABC I think has become a lot more controlled by the dark with 9-11 laws. The CM said we were terrorizing the police and hurting them, LOL, what a freaking joke. While the Non-Corporate controlled media the ABC and SBS I think really showed what was going on and how we were getting hurt by the police and in the most part we were very peaceful. Our Western Australian Minister decided to use cops with night sticks/battons/tonfas to beat people out of the way while he was in a car behind them as they drove over a bridge that had the most people deep on it. Like he wanted to hurt as many people as possible and enjoyed it.

Now getting back to current events. I see the same MSM control in order to keep people from the truth and the same dark activities trying to hi-jack the movement for their ends. So keep your BS meters up and search far and wide for the truth if you are so inclined. Another way of looking at it is the Dark are worried about losing control and so use force as they always have to try to maintain their power. Divide and concur, but will we let them is the question?

This is a great video I watched last night on Egypt.

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