Monday, February 28, 2011

Miracle Mineral Supplement seems to have cured my aunt-in-laws AIDS & my back pain

My wife bought the MMS mid last year and used it per my recommendations and then thought her aunt who has had AIDS since 1998 would benefit more from her MMS with Citric Acid activator pack. So my wife made up a pack of info from Jim Humble's site and sent it along with the MMS combo pack partly used via her parents around mid last year.

Reports came back about 1 month later from her Doctor had done blood tests that the AIDS was no longer detectable and her anemia had disappeared. This all happened after heavy dosages of about 15 drops of MMS activated with 75 drops of Citric Acid were taken about 8x per day, but not strictly followed due to work demands.

This was great to here for I had never heard of anyone close to me curing AIDS. I would call it a cure since it has not come back since. Just a personal testimonial proving this stuff works.

I have also found recently it has been working on my back pain. I had back pain in the mornings about a week ago and decided I need to oxygenate with MMS and exercise so started taking 10 drops 1x per day for the next 2 days and the pain was gone. I forgot to take it the next day and woke up with the back pain again and thought WOW that is interesting lets test this theory so took it again and was fine the next morning and have been taking it almost every day since and been fine.

I have found that pain is caused by a charge differential across the cell wall being mucked up by heavy metals inside the cell and incorrect fatty-acid profile causing problems for minerals getting into the cell. I heard this from various info sources like Jerry Brunnetti (find him in my youtube playlists or favorites and 4shared under LINKS)(whom cured himself of Lymphoma cancer of the Lymph system) and and

Quantron Resonance System (QRS)
The QRS, Quantron Resonance System, is the original pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system and the first to prove evidence of ion transport, which is essential to produce cell energy. Since the introduction in 1995 over 80,000 QRS systems have been sold worldwide. The QRS has been proven safe and effective in Europe and Australia. Backed by numerous clinical trials and empirical tests, and three worldwide patents the QRS has the most extensive research done on it of any other PEMF system on the market.

The QRS is a result of more than 20 years of fundamental and applied research by leading international scientists in Europe and was first used in the Russian MIR Space Station program. Today, the QRS is designed for home use and is being used in homes and clinics around the world.

By laying on the QRS mat for 8 minutes twice a day, low pulsed magnetic frequencies stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygen assimilation and accelerate the removal of toxic chemicals and waste.

From what I heard from the Jim Humble video interviews on Project Camelot (see under links Miracle Mineral Supplement labeled blogs) at a fraction of the cost and is much stronger for it is made on site and not going off on a shelf. It not only helps supply oxygen and thereby correcting the pH imbalance between the inside and the outside of the cell by oxygenating the fluid between cells but also the inner cell fluid by getting rid of the heavy metals in their. That is my theory. MMS also does the same thing as Zeolite from a comment I read but instead of costing $40 odd per month as Zeolite does it only costs about $35 for a good years supply for anyone with no serious life threatening condition otherwise you could spend that per month with super high doses. So I know what I am using.

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