Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dinars will RV soon with Iraqs Protests for services & positive responses of the Iraqi Govt

too much too note for my limited time
such as
* Iraq to receive infusion of electricity next month via Arab network

I did read in 1 of the rumors or chats or posts on the above that the Govt of Iraq (GOI) did put off parliament till March 6 so they could talk with the people and find out what they want. This is very positive and will help settle protests. Protests are perfect opportunities for the goones to do what they do ie bombings etc in order to divide and conquer, so the moves to talk are a perfect way to stop that and get constructive. I did hear the protests were about lack of services ie electricity and the like. Now with the above link you see things are certainly happening quickly. It all seems to be moving in the right direction like Sheldan Nidles update did say 2 weeks ago before it even happened.

The dinar investors will have to be patient for a couple more weeks I suspect from what I see going on, and heard on the great Dinar Daddy blog talk radio guest on Wednesday under links. He will be on again this Wednesday.

I am not putting much faith in rumors anymore with so many false alarms. I also am getting into the state of relaxing and allowing it all to unfold. Trusting in source/God. As Ian Lungold says Attention and Intention. And as the Buddhists practice disconnection.

What is with the Republic of Iraq and it has a different President Talabini? Is this like the Republic for the united States?

With all this we need to stay focused on what we can do instead of waiting for it to come to us. That will help us all get what we want quicker. As long it is your highest excitement.
In Joy


  1. Can you give us "newcomers" a bit of instruction on what we do in the US, if we are holding dinar when it actually rv's? Do we run to the bank and cash it? Is there a special process to get it cashed??

  2. I would go to source ie ask your bank but also check the for info.

    It should be as simple as it is for buying it. But get informed on tax implications but then I am guessing the IRS may become gone when this all happens. But please do not quote me as just a hunch. Please do your own research.

  3. this is what John Machaffie says from what i just posted "WARNING – If no Banking announcement for the demise of the Private Federal Reserve Bank is out before the Dinar, your cash-in funds are susceptible to removal by the Private Federal Reserve. Be cautious!"

    So that is all I know for now.