Friday, February 11, 2011


INTEL 2/11 10:00 am
WARNING - Discernment advised.


Now appears that this roller coaster ride is coming to an end.
I wish to thank several of my ‘Cleaning Ladies’ surfacing and saying what they know on the GET Conference Calls. Contact 2 is a good friend and a confident. He is a patriot of the highest character and integrity. This is an example of the Real Intel which Our LORD has blessed me with connecting to.
I have been having continuous intel conference calls from all over the world thanks to Skype. I have been extremely busy lately and fully focused to get her done.
Also would like to thank Poofness and his efforts over the years. We all realize that he is but a messenger and like myself get bum info from time to time. But he is a good soul and that is what counts.
Per Intel gathering towards I am headed towards my personal goal of reaching the prosperity programs distribution and the republic announcement.
I will be shortly stepping off this roller coaster and moving on to the OP COMPASSION, OP PROJECTS and OP JUSTICE Operations.
Not leaving yet as a few twists and turns are still left in the last run to to the station – but we are getting there. I hate roller coasters!

I have received several reports of confirmed deliveries of the program envelopes. Stop and Go, Stop and Go, Stop and Go! Still to volatile and dangerous to reveal the details.
Trustees have been compromised by the Dark Cabal and being weeded out as discovered. White Knights are doing a super job!
I have been informed that there are 23000 envelopes in the Omega Program alone. 87,000 total for North America in over 60 programs.
All should be done by now per the Chinese directions. IF NOT – The Trustees who were appointed by Bush are directly accountable! They are the only ones authorized to stop it now!
Trustees were called into Richmond VA BOA this morning for the status reviews after deliveries. Waiting to hear the news.
The Chinese have what we use to have – determination!

CMKX Program
E/R Economic Receipt (Or Release Of Funds) to follow the deliveries of the envelopes per protocol. Cottrell was funded and the amounts are showing up on their computer screens – and he is only awaiting a phone call for access to these funds.
Government and the private Federal Reserve bank has been continuously lying to the CMKX shareholders and should also be held accountable.

Was hearing R/V Announcement and cash-in this morning. The question remains which morning? The only possible blockage now are due to the actions of the private federal reserve bank and there dark cabal operatives. Remember -- PP deliveries first and then Dinar RV (Revalue).
The Forex which contains currencies world wide valuations has the dinar Frozen for the last 5 days. The guideline was max 24 hrs hold which has been violated by the private Federal Reserve bank and it’s operatives.

It can STILL AGAIN be confirmed by Tim Turner’s response (or lack thereof) that
Tim Turner DOES NOT have Military Support
Tim Turner DOES NOT have Financial Support
Tim Turner – PUT UP OR SHUT UP!
His team says the presentation of the Independence video before the Super Bowl was proof of the military support of the republic. On this I agree. But then TT supporters claim that it also shows that the military supports TT.
My response is Nonsense. There was NO connection neither defined nor implied for support to TT in that presentation.
Per TT’s claim of Financial Support – the only support on record is from an Asian who is rumored under arrest for financial misdeeds. TT support from the Mormons has also evaporated.
And also a certain Central American law firm actively supported TT is rumored to be money launderer for a certain alphabet agency involved in drug running.
To repeat again – I support the REPUBLIC of the people which has already been established by the military and recognized by the World Court. The Republics and there governors are in control for the future.

John MacHaffie – HIS humble servant

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