Monday, February 28, 2011

MIRACLE MINERAL SUPPLEMENT updated with new supplier for the USA


Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is a very powerful antioxidant that can also detox the body of these heavy metals (powerful oxidizers like Mercury the 2nd most toxic metal known to man 2nd to plutonium according to Jerry Brunnetti ACRES USA in my 4shared folder on health here with more to come) but also bad disease causing bacteria that apparently cause disease. Learn how MMS works from the inventor Jim Humble who has treated from colds and flues to malaria overnight, cancer and AIDS.

Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement

Jim Humble interviewed by Bill Ryan (Jan 2010) : a Project Avalon video

It can be bought with the Citric Acid activator via clicking on the color add at the top of this page or under LINKS. Also find all blogs Labeled Miracle Mineral Supplement now created and under LINKS too or where I got it from in Australia here

Get the instructions on how to use here from Jim Humble's site where you can also get a free ebook on MMS.

I noticed in the latest interview directly above Jim says he did a 1 drop of activated MMS per hour every hour he was up and did read somewhere that the MMS only stays active in the body for 1 hour. I always found it hard to do the 15drops 2x/day for all the juice I needed to add and disliked so I am too now just doing this and not adding any juice as it is not needed to take away the taste of the MMS. This would also be good for anyone on a low carb diet as I am. If you do want a low sugar juice I would search for berry juices as they tend to be about 10% total carbohydrates.

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