Saturday, February 19, 2011

Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) Water purification drops now available via for only $32.30 free shipping

Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) Water Purification Drops

Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) Water Purification Drops
Our Price: $32.30

Miracle Mineral Solution is approved as a water purifier. Activated, it has been used as a mineral solution to improve the immune system and overall health. It has also been used as a powerful anti-oxidant to detoxify heavy metals. It has been said to have anti-microbial (anti-pathogenic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral) properties. It has been known to oxygenate and alkalize the body naturally, creating an environment that kills the bad bacteria and microbes, leaving the good bacteria intact and promoting their growth. As stated, it is said to be stronger than any other liquid oxygen product on the market and for a fraction of the price.

You Get More Value for Your Money
For your convenience, we supply you with a 4 oz. bottle of Pre-Mixed citric acid solution so you can use the products straight out of the box. We have also included a 3.5 oz bag of additional citric acid so that your supply lasts longer. Follow the Instruction Sheet included in the package for directions on how to make the citric acid solution.

Package Includes:

  • One bottle of Miracle Mineral Solution (4 oz.)
  • One bottle of pre-mixed Citric Acid Solution (4 oz.)
  • One bag of food-grade citric acid (3.5 oz.)
    The 3.5 oz supplied bag of food-grade citric acid allows you to use 10 drops for mms activation instead of only the usual 5 drops, making activated MMS last longer.
  • One Instruction sheet

DISCLAIMER: This product is recommended for water purification only. This product is not marketed for internal use. Exclusive Wellness Club is not responsible for any consequences or damages resulting in misuse of this product. We do not offer, nor do we claim to offer to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease or condition. Only a Licensed Doctor is qualified to do this. Please consult your physician before using this product.


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