Friday, February 11, 2011

The ULTIMATE SOLUTION's for all Interest Free Debt Free Currency & following God not mammon

Go to the bottom embedded video which is my playlist and to the end to see Vic Becks latest vids from 4 months ago about Interest Free Debt Free Currency.

Following God not mammon
I am so over the money game (and have been feeling this way heavily for the last week with my wife aswell) & this idea by Vic Beck work for free & take for free sounds like heaven & makes sense & resonates with my heart so much that is take for free what is given freely.

We are all in so much bondage playing this rigged money game that Vic Beck explains so well. For example did you know that the interest on the loans can never be re-payed in total out of all the loans given because that money was never created and released into the money supply. Vic shows the solution is to follow god not money/mammon and follows up with action. Vic gives notice to the local court and shop before taking food and telling the shop assistants that he is going to take it without giving money. Vic does this because he believes money is mans creation and is not helping us at all but enslaving us and taking us away from god and love. Think about it, what would you do if you did not have to work for money. Would you still work at what you do for money? All money comes into existence from loans so is debt. So we are all working for money and competing with each other to get that interest that does not exist. So insane. The other thing is we are all wanting more debt. The more money we get the more debt we create the more interest is created the more we compete to get that interest that does not exist, lol. But this system is so insane and creates the ultimate competition WAR for more profit. When will it stop? When we make it stop 1 at a time.

The beautiful thing is so many are actually waking up to this and all doing different things to stop it. With Vic Beck in Canada doing this ultimate work following god and not using money. Tim Turners Republic for the united States of America, Mark McMurtrie with the Australian Originals, Dr John Wilson also in Australia working on bringing the Juries back. I am sure there is more. I am sure the PTB are also worried about this, lol. I also see this as a spiritual test, a spiritual game. These people we are scared of like Bush cabal, Judges, Police, Military, other boogy men around the world including women, are the ultimate teachers to help you bring out who you really are.

Vic Beck on Monopoly and The Game of Commerce

My entire playlist of Vic Beck I made when watching this all the 1st time

Freeman Vic Beck Non-compliance Non-resistance

the above ONLY has 50 of the now 70 videos found in the link below showing the entire playlist


  1. Vic Beck came into London Ontario to speak to our group Scott. What he says makes good sense but a difficult path for many to follow. More will come along in time I am sure. All floods begin with a single drop of water.


  2. a mate on facebook just said this and I agree "The objective of "work [for] free" is that people do the work they want, and not confined to what is economically available. Learn that it is "work free OF obligation", NOT "for free".