Friday, February 11, 2011

Dinar Intel

Dinar Update News - Thursday

[LDC CORP] Stylen Posted Today, 03c:05 pm butch asked me to post this for him if you will remember from last week butch has a brother who is ex-military for over 20 years and his banker gave him some great info about the rv of the iraqi dinar. That the bank rate would be 5+ and cbi 6+ well butch's brother called and said he was told iraq signed off on the rv and the us and several other countries but that there were 3 that had not yet, russia/france and possibly china? If they could get this wrapped up we are within a 72 hour window to see the rv, if not it would get pushed to next week they are looking good for the next couple of days butcch went back and the banker is standing firm on the rate $5+ on the bank side and $6+ on the cbi side please be kind to this person who just wants to pass along what was shared with him

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