Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Webinar & DVD Doco & news audio clips & Radio show interest sort to spur me forwards

Hi friends
I have been re-considering doing webinars with video presentations on some of the topics I have been covering. I was going to charge about $20 for a 1 to 2 odd hour webinar.

I have considered using the material I come up with for the webinars to make a movie to be made available in DVD and/or download for about $30.

I am also considering offering audio clips of news highlights much like YouHaveTheRight.com with an easy to operate no downloads required audio player. As I have taken so many notes of highlights going back to early last year and I would love to spread the good news with your support. I could do the same as Tad has with YouHaveTheRight.com and have a small subscription fee of about $2 to 5 per week to allow people to access the entire library.

I have also been considering doing a Radio show with guests I have been covering with some advertisements. I would share this with the ads for free or without the ads for a subscription. Maybe even included with the news audio clips subscription I mentioned in the paragraph above. I would consider interviewing many different people in all the areas I have been covering. Guests I would like are Sheldan Nidle, James Gilliland, Dr Fred Bell, and Bill Alek to name a few off the top of my head. I would seek out nearly everyone I have shared on youtube and this blog covering topics from earth, and financial changes to zero point energy to ufos to spirituality, consciousness, health and ascension.

I would also get my new site ThankYouWhiteKnights.com developed for all of this.

I did blog my plans to do Webinars in December and would like to get a feeling from you of your interest. Please just email me "interested in webinar &/or DVD &/or news audio clips &/or radio show" or if you are interested in all quote "interested in ALL" in the subject line to thankyouwhiteknights@gmail.com

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