Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chemtrail Health solutions with Negative Ions

Negative Ions are know to be health promoting and are anti-oxidants. Some products you can look into to help possibly alleviate the chemtrail bombardment and other environmental pollution not to mention an acidifying diet is to use or do these things
  1. take anti-oxidants ie Vitamins C, E, Selenium and Cholesterol and many, many more like pine bark extract
  2. negative ionized water
  3. negative ionized air generators
  4. negative ion generating clothes and fabrics
  5. blood electrifiers ie Zappers, Terminators from Don Croft an improvement on Bob Becks Zapper. Bob Becks is apparently an improvement on the original from Dr Hulda Clark's design from her book "The Cure for All Diseases"
  6. detoxify your body from the heavy metals which reduce the healthy negative ions in your body by Far-InfraRed Sauna (more here) and Miracle Mineral Solution (mms) find more at Miracle Mineral Supplement LABELED BLOGS also under LINKS and see the product add at the top of this page just click it
  7. measure your oxidative balance with pH testing and even better the Nutri-Spec metabolic testing
  8. reduce your consumption of the polyunsaturated (unsaturated with hydrogen allowing oxidation) fats like vegetable oil, canola, cottonseed, sunflower and especially margarine and replace with saturated healthy fats like real organic raw butter and virgin organic coconut oil, because these saturated fats do not oxidize and hence, when you use them for energy and to make up your cell membranes they also do not oxidize. Remember oxidation basically equals disease. We have been taken off of these healthy fats by clever marketing and even worse told to cook with them making them even less healthy with the resulting oxidation. Butter has components that can actually help transport the heavy metals (that cause oxidation) like mercury out of the body. I was told Mercury can recycle in our body and cause the oxidation 200x. Mercury is the second most toxic metal known too man, second to plutonium. Yet we have let our dentists put it in our mouths called silver fillings, of which is about 50% Mercury.
  9. alkalizing minerals like Magnesium combined with Citrate

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