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11-11 Ascension Update New Teachers, Leaders & Visionaries

Submitted by me Angel, thanks mi amor.
This rings so true with all we are now doing with our friends ie Webinars & Sacred Sites & Earth Grid Tours.

New Teachers, Leaders & Visionaries

The current state of the masses is still largely one of fear, limitation, and separation from our true limitless source of creative potential and abundance. During the 7th day, those who feel called to active service by way of new earth leadership (world teachers, leaders in all sects of society, guides, visionaries, etc) will be afforded the opportunity to step further into the limelight, into a position of greater global influence to expose the truth of creation, of human limitlessness, on a grander scale.

This group of pioneering souls will soon be operating from a much larger platform, and from this period forward, the next wave of leaders (Indigo-Crystals) who are called to service will be magnetically drawn to your works, visions and new earth creations in a way that will inspire, uplift and assist in determining the path of each and every individual who strives to achieve full-human potential for the planetary ascension.

(NOTE: The Pleiadians are careful to say that those who are publicly positioned as the living examples of truth will not be bombarded, or overcome with burden and responsibility... but that you will suddenly become desirous of a more public persona if this is your role. They mention this as reassurance that if you are currently feeling overwhelmed with biological purification/physical integration symptoms, and the thought of this is daunting, that this next step will align perfectly with radiant health and vitality.)

I am also hearing that what will happen within the remaining weeks of this year (and with the support of Venus/Jupiter turning direct on 11/18) will be quite miraculous…some (with more public roles) will be catapulted to positions of influence nearly overnight, and many more will be blindsided by new opportunities that will seemingly arise out of thin air. For those who are well aware of your next moves, you too will have some unplanned surprises.

There will be moments of awe as we meet up with more new/old members of our soul families (these relationships/connections will come in MANY forms)…our brothers and sisters of divine heritage who have come forth to work together with us, so that we may support each other in implementing our new-earth endeavors.

The PHC say that "this is a very exciting time by which those who are positioned as new earth leaders in many different fields will finally have the leverage, support, connectivity, technology and influence to attract the focus of the masses (think social media), just as those who are false leaders will continue to be wildly exposed for their true intentions."

Never in our played-out patriarchal his-tory has there been a more ripe potential for massive planetary change... and each of us have been witnessing the fall out of an outworn system while simultaneously laboring to birth a new system of true sustainability since 1999. Due, in part, to our many selfless years of clearing work, world dominance from the western (masculine) hemisphere of the global brain is rapidly drawing to a close to make way for a whole new context in our world systems...(government, industry, economy, etc.)…one that is based in transparency, integrity and the needs of the people. Imagine that.

Sacred Counterparts

For those sole sojourners out there…making this heinous trek alone...this just in:

"Furthermore, we would like to remind those longing for their soul companions to rest assured that the love brought forth by the community of light thru the merging of sacred feminine and masculine energies will ensure the reuniting of your counterparts. In many situations, you already know these souls well, however in differing relationships. Take note of sudden changes in your feelings and associations with those already known to you. Together, you will co-create, and in some cases, pro-create, in divine union, harmony and enlightened love." -PHC

Sweeping the Floors

There is no doubt left that there is an overwhelming sense of completion in the air…the wrapping up of many internal & external affairs that will continue to take precedence as the month moves on. These events are precipitated by universal endings/beginnings and are required for us to move forward...past the mis-creations of our once separated consciousness.

As we continue to finalize the past we have also been simultaneously creating in the new energies. While we traverse this overlap period, it has been quite a balancing act of going back and forth between worlds…finishing up the past and immersing ourselves more and more into our newly created futures.

It's kind of like that crazy period between a new and old residence. The universe has given us the keys to our new place so we can move our furniture and boxes and get a feel for what it will be like to live there... and our landlord has been kind enuf to give us an extra weekend to move everything out of our old apartment. We are not fully in our new home, but not fully in the old either…but really, all we have left to do is sweep the floors and discard the last remnants of what we choose not to take with us to our new lives.

In many cases, this in between space may mean finishing up outworn relationships/wrapping up a divorce, finalizing outstanding financial/legal matters, terminating old businesses/biz partnerships, careers, actual relocations, etc., while simultaneously starting new relationships/friendships/courtships, creating/starting a new business/career, and receiving new ideas & potential opportunities for financial security.

It's a busy time, and we need to keep both worlds in balance while we continue to make the complete transition. In this final hour, and as a gift for our futures, those things that are in need of resolution are still front and center, requiring our attention so that we can seal off those old energies…for good.

This is tricky right now because we are undergoing a very physical integration period from the vibrational bump up to the 7th day and the 11/11 frequencies...which can make it difficult to even get out of bed..but come the middle-end of the month, we will begin moving forward again into the new territory with greater mental expansion and fuller integration of our spiritual-human selves.

If you've done the work to unbridle yourself from old obligatory energies, then come the 12/12 portal of completion, there will be nothing left to hinder you, bring you back to the old, or block you from experiencing the full effect of the inspirational-based energies.

Dare we say that this Christmas may gift us with the best present possible?

Physical Happenings

OMG, yes, we are still undergoing massive biological reconstruction as enormous changes continue to take place in our physical bodies...even our cells are no longer able to operate as they used to. As always, this process can cause great challenges and make it very difficult (read: impossible) to stay in our center. It's not that these increasing frequencies are going to let up per se, but that our bodies are becoming more capable to integrate them…tho you'd never convince me of that.

One of the reasons for the often unbearable aches and pains is because we are entering the realm of galactic consciousness...a state of telepathic union with our star brothers and sisters and those of the higher dimensions. To work closely with these energies and beings requires that we are purified on every level which ultimately results in our cells' ability to hold more light, to mutate and self-heal from a genetic level. OUCH.

For the last few months, and in addition to the smorgasbord of the usual symptoms, there has been an unrelenting concentration of intensified aches and pains that seem to be "centering" around the spine.

This is nothing to fear, in fact, it is something to celebrate since our vital life force (Kundalini) is working feverishly to burn off all remaining layers of discord in preparation for the completion of our sacred union with the divine. (The positive and negative charges of kundalini energy move through the chakras and around the spine to the head (pineal/pituitary) where cosmic consciousness occurs as a result of the merging of the two opposing energy streams...the sacred marriage, where the divine feminine & masculine become one.) So think of this pain as the ultimate wedding gift : ))

Integration Technique

For the battle worn, and those who are finding it particularly difficult to integrate these energies on a physical level, the Pleiadians recommend a balancing technique that will assist in grounding these high frequencies with greater ease.

The pushing and pulling force of our mental meddling can slow down the healing process and block the flow which causes these energies to get stuck or lodged in our cells. They say that we can greatly decrease the discomfort by surrendering/accepting the process and getting out of our own let the energies "do their thang", without resistance or attachment. (yes, they make it sound so easy)

They say this simple technique (used regularly) will help to maintain equilibrium in our cells:

  • First, get comfortable…you can sit or lay down, whichever suits you. Take a deep cleansing breath in and exhale slowly.
  • Next, envision a (coaxial : ) cord of light descending down into the top of your head, thru your spine and plugged into the earths core.
  • Once this cord firmly anchored and running thru the center of your physical being, release yourself from your physical body and observe it objectively. (this part of the technique allows you to remove your perception of the energy which enables it to flow without resistance, increasing the rate of physical integration and lessening the discomfort of it)
  • Try to see yourself downloading these high vibrational frequencies through this cord of light that anchors you into physical reality (if you have a hard time seeing yourself, put yourself in a funny costume : ))
NOTE: You can also open up and direct the flow of energy in those areas that are causing you most discomfort. (These areas of discomfort are those that are still holding some 3d dimensional debris in need of transmutation)
  • After a few minutes you should begin to feel some relief in your body, if not, keep at it until you notice a significant change, even if it is just your state of mind that shifts. When you do, jump back in that (inflated) flesh suit, take a deep breath, and come back to...reality?
By removing ourselves from the process, we are enabling a smoother transition as the energies to work to resolve emotional issues and heal our cellular tissues without mental interference. The pushing and pulling of energy that happens when we are mentally involved in the healing process slows down the rate of transmutation a great deal so engaging in this visualization a few times a day (to keep the energies moving) is more efficient than engaging in it only when discomfort arises. This clearing technique should be viewed more as energetic hygiene, a way to keep the body continually clear of discordance and mental resistance to the process.

If this technique alone does not bring you enuf relief, one or all three of these should do the trick:
  1. light stretching or a walk (in nature if possible) to assist detoxification
  2. yoga to stimulate endocrine system and balance hormones (the endocrine system consists of our hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal, pineal, and reproductive glands)
  3. or an Epsom salt/clay bath to assist in detox and soak the pain out of muscles
Bottom line: our bodies really need our love right now.

Separation of Worlds

As we enter this new cycle of transformation (the 7th day), we are literally pioneering a period in which an enhanced human species will give birth to itself. In may ways, the road splits here and those who are ready to move forward into a new earth will come together in community and shared resources to bathe in the light of higher-dimensional dwelling and the co-creation of a new paradigm. These souls will be the living examples of "what's next" on our human-galactic evolutionary journey.

Those who have not yet completed the vibrational work to unlock the galactic codes required to access this new domain are not going away or leaving our lives per say…they are simply being given another opportunity, through karmic cycling, to move forward and choose a higher path. Keep in mind that this is not a linear process (as in first/last), and we are not waiting for others to "catch up," so to speak.

In many cases, those souls seemingly "behind" were actually holding down the forts, waiting for us…to go first. Some of these characters in our lives were merely playing the part of antagonist, anchor or support system for us to blindly make this journey…alone.

As a result, it may become obvious how some friends, family, coworkers, etc. may be suddenly finding themselves back at the beginning of their journey again…like a 1 step forward, 2 steps back scenario...not quite landing where they thought they would or intended to.

This is all part of the perfect timing in the "game" we are playing and nothing to be bummed out about. Truthfully, if I had to do this all again, I would definitely go next to last ; )) Besides, with the compression of time, the next turn on the collective karmic wheel will be equivalent to 5 minutes in earth time ; ))

In other words we are all exactly where we should be.

Catch you on the flip side,

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  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?

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    yes but never read any of it until now thanks too you my friend it looks very interesting. I did get it at LAX from someone selling them their and because I was into our ET history and flying saucer technology and heard from the Dr Fred Bell whom I was in LA to see at his seminar I bought the book. Now I see some value in it but left it in Australia where I came from 6 wks ago. So thanks for the pdf's very much. Love and light