Friday, November 19, 2010

11-18 False Flag Attack ?? After that Missile launched off the Coast of California 11-8 probably at the Chinese

I do not know who got the idea that it was the Chinese who used a laser when I can not find it in the Fox news article provided. I wonder who is doing this what appears to me to be fear mongering again. PLEASE EXPLAIN JOHN MACHAFFIE OF NESARA NEWS. But John will put up what ever comes to him without verification he told me very recently. Nothing against John, but I did suggest screening more for the reputation his site has acquired is not the highest of integrity.

I think the very same sub that more then likely launched that missile on 11-8 off LA's coast could have puttered slowly up to Alaska over 10 days and took a shot at the F22. We know the Bush NAZI'S are trying anything they can to start WW3.

I have no indications that China wants to start a war with the US. I do have info of the contrary, that is China DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A WAR WITH THE UNITED STATES. If you check here for all of my blogs on BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) against NWO and Chris Story did do a report in that explained how the US had tried to start WW3 with China by parking a fleet of War ships off its coast during a time when they wanted to influence them some years ago around 2007-8 I think. If the Chinese wanted a War with the US the US CORPORATION and it's Military-Industrial-Media-Complex would stand to profit even more, so why would they? Everything I see indicates they are acting to take down the US CORP by not warring and not accepting its fraudulent derivatives and much more like the Lien on the Fed and US Treasury.

I am not saying there might not be a few bad guys within China working for the NWO, but I have no indications here or anywhere. Alex Jones the fear monger will lead you to believe they are trying something all the time to the point of warning his guests while on air if they say anything to the contrary. I noticed AJ did with Ben Fulford, I think during August 2008.

Below is an article I sourced from the link under it.

F22 Raptor has been effectively shot down over Alaska by a Chinese submarine

An American F22 Raptor has been effectively shot down over Alaska by a Chinese submarine based laser weapon.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The military says the wreckage from a missing F-22 Raptor has been found in Alaska near Denali National Park.
An Air Force pilot was on a routine training mission with the F-22 Raptor when he lost contact with air traffic control at 7:40 p.m. Tuesday Alaska time.

Canadian F18 and Orion P3 Pilots first reported the use of exotic energy weapons being fielded by the Chinese while tracking Chinese submarines 400 km off the west coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands. In 2009 Canadian Navy ships tracked Chinese submarine activity within 28km of the BC coast and heavy Chinese commercial fishing operations which most certainly were performing electronic surveillance and jamming. Unmarked military grade electronic equipment has been found on Brooks Peninsula and Estevan Point on Vancouver Island, where in previous years 13 Chinese refugee boats had illegally landed. In 2007 a Colonel for the Canadian Land Forces Pacific Command was fired for claiming that China was conducting covert operations on the west coast from the Aleutian Islands down as far as Vancouver Island.

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