Saturday, November 13, 2010

11-9 UFO seen in Missile launch off LA coast possibly confirming my suspicions of ET GFL deactivation of NWO nuke

A UFO has been spotted in some of the footage seen on the main stream media shots. Now the Pentagon said they did not know what it was and apparently the FAA stated that no plane was registered at that location & time. But then you will see the mainstream here

being told it was a contrail from a plane, WTF!?LMAO. Ever seen a contrail go vertical? They flip flopped to suit a cover up sounds like to me, lol.

I also found and saved a screenshot of a yahoo news search on UFO yesterday morning, with the funniest disinfo alluding to a huge cover up on several different topics all in the 1 page of search results, that made me LMAO. For if 1 could see the fraud behind 1 then they would suspect fraud behind them all quite easily while also informing them of what was really going on. I call this reading between the lines of propaganda. Even-though I put up information I am not 100% on or could ever be 100% on I and we can use that information to learn to read between the lines.

Here are a lot more youtubes on it at the end of my playlist
from the one titled
Mystery missile launch off California coast: Comes from submarine?
[just click the above to start watching from that 1 in the playlist]

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