Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My response to a BTR caller for confusion


BioHarmonic Resonance Sal Giandinoto, Ph.D.

BreakThru Technologies PowerPoint Presentation - BioHarmonic Resonance

or the same as above but without the pics in html format below


If you listened to the Blog Talk Radio with Dru, Bart and myself on Sunday (I blogged below and find BTR link on right) towards the end of the show a question was asked by a listener in the BTR chat for help with finding the truth as she was so confused. I 1st said you need to find what resonates with you and discard what does not. I also recommended taking more minerals and getting off the mineral depleting foods such as white refined sugar, white refined flours, white refined salt, soy and eat more organic and nutrient dense and live foods, foods more likely to have a strong biofield/aura because of the spinning minerals in them. Also take monoatomic gold to increase the strength of your biofield and help increase your I.Q. as proven by testing, thereby proving my and Dr Fred Bells point made below.

Dr Fred Bell said on his BBS Radio radio shows (mp3 archived) explained in his 1st shows how the aura or biofield is created via the spin of minerals when crossing the synapses in the brain.

The Biofield/Aura and How to Measure It
Our biofield/aura is a spin field shown here created by minerals spinning in your body just like copper wires inside magnets in an electrical generator. Although very week it can be detected with NASA'S latest Gravity Probe-B's SQUID instrument (p10-At least nine new technologies had to be invented and perfected in order to carry out
the Gravity Probe B experiment. The spherical gyroscopes have a stability more
than a million times better than the best inertial navigation gyroscopes, and the
magnetometers, called SQUIDs (Super-Conducting Quantum Interference Devices),
that monitor the spin axis direction of the gyroscopes, can detect a change in spin
axis alignment to an angle of approximately 1/40,000,000th of a degree.)(SQUIDS can also be used to heal I heard from a coast to coast and/or Laura Lee interview), GDV and Kilian photography. See the bottom of my health labeled blog here for more on this in a great video explaining this energy below.

Scalar Energy
1:38:07 - 4 years ago
Scalar Energy used to enhance nutritional products here on Jon Barrons page. This is one of the most comprehensive videos I have found yet on explaining Scalar/Life force Energy. Highly recommended for the information not the sales pitch.


For more investigate Heart Math, Gregg Braden, Dan Winter, Nassim Haramein and Orgone researchers Dr Wilhelm Reich and James DeMeo whom I have playlists of in my main youtube channel linked top right.

I would also take plant derived colloidal minerals, as I did back in 1998-2000 from Neways. I put down a lot of my awakening to these very things and have been eating organic since 1998. Use sacred-g posters that will soon be available via our new site that will soon be shared here. Detox from the heavy metals and chemicals.

Meditation with holosync and Holy Harmony 528hz would also help.

You could also use color light therapy as it can provide your aura the missing light it needs to operate as if it had the minerals that help create that in your body.

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