Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11-16 Join myself & Druanna & Bruce on her new talkshoe tonight at 7pm PST & our new venture into Webinars & Seminars together with Bart


instructions of how to talk with us for free below under

We are now on Druanna's team should say enough. We are both looking forward to our free $1000 trip we must take from almost immediate if no cruise or after 90 days IF CRUISE till up to 1 year from now after paying $365 to join.
You would be amazed at some of the dream trips in our new site
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If you are into traveling and/OR would like to get paid doing it, this could be for you.
Check out my site above and click on the "1" to watch a 2 minute video to see if it interests you. If it does then move on to "2" then "3" but all those videos hype did not really impress me more then the super cheap dream trips. To see the dream trips click belows link, http://sa.worldventuresdreamtrips.com/ also permanently linked on the top right under LINKS as World Ventures Dream Trips
select your country of residence, then state, then when the same #1 vid comes up as above just click on the left "where to" where I can see 18 pages each with 6 dream trips and prices. If you are not a member you will not see some of the prices so just ask me for them thankyouwhiteknights@gmail.com

So a great product, which is key and the fair system to do it with residual income from all new business you helped bring in to no limit in a booming business "Travel" $7 Trillion/year growing to $13 T over the next decade compared to a minuscule $226 Billion/yr "Health & Wellness". Both explained in these 2 videos
  1. http://www.brucehlee.me/ LOOK UNDER LEFT blue button to click your choice ie "English - Live"
  2. http://gumballpresentation.com/ 620,000% chance of picking the right company in Travel vs Health is explained after showing the size of the industry with gumballs and the number of companies in each industry.
Certainly makes sense to me.

If you are interested in the business then get onto this site to get more info
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I am now not against trying to help people health wise, but this certainly does bring to light the opportunity. Why not do both? I can't travel all the time or could I?

I knew Dru was into this after listening to her Blog Talk Radio about 1.5 wks ago here
and only just thought a few days ago of doing this with Druanna after my great mate Bart, whom I met via my youtube, and born on the same day of the year as me (here is his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/thewayshower1982 ). Bart introduced a few great things too me like Mark McMurtrie, Nassim Haramein and Bashar. I did talk to Dru about Bart on 1 of her 1st talkshoe's with me, saying funny how all 3 of us are into similar things and equidistant around the planet and if we came together it would be like the fantastic 4. Well Bart calls me a few days ago and says he is doing seminars with Dan Winters and seminars on his own. Well I did suggest to Dru to do her webinars and said hey why don't all 3 of us all join forces and interview other guests on our travels as seminars &/or webinars together or at different locations? Bart loved the idea and so then I put it to Dru and she too loves it. We have enough support we think to make it happen with Bart's seminar team and my girlfriend who I am now with here in Florida who loves making websites and the like so we are going to now come together and organize it and then promote our 1st ever webinar together and allow you to participate and ask questions on all the topics we have been covering in the past or whatever we say we are open too answering. I for 1 want to talk on what I have always been reporting about and that is really the narrowing gap between what Sheldan Nidle says is going to happen and what I am seeing happening with the Republic and many other things I have been reporting on.

So please email me if you are interested in either the seminars or the travel biz above at thankyouwhiteknights@gmail.com and stay tune for more.

#1-click here http://tinyurl.com/yvrnjs
#2-click "JOIN IN" & a new chat window should pop out
#3-click "FREE TALKSHOE LIVE PRO WITH SHOEPHONE" bottom right in the chat window #4-then install when downloaded by opening it #1ALWAYS-then do the same when entering a live show click the same "FREE TALKSHOE LIVE PRO WITH SHOEPHONE" button in the chat window & your SHOEPHONE will open the already installed software

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