Monday, November 1, 2010


Below is part of an email I just received via subscription from Dr Len Horowitz via

Dear Friends and Healthy World Members,

This newsletter comes with great news, and some disturbing news needing your prayers as well.

The great news involves the Gulf Oil Disaster. A new water purification study that tested the 528Hz frequency was very successful.

More good news is this link to Dr. Horowitz's historic interview with George Noory on Coast-to-CoastAM.

You can now listen to Dr. Horowitz's full interview at your leisure by clicking the banner. Dr. H. provided a truly "amazing" program in which he "called out" the Illuminati to cease global wars and ongoing genocides in honor of the "528 LOVE Revolution."

This musical mutany is sweeping the world, opening people's hearts, thanks largely to Dr. Horowitz's research, revelations, and collaborations regarding 528Hz--the "MIracle" tone of the original Solfeggeio musical scale.

The bad news below deserves our prayers, and viewing of a new YouTube clip.

In summary, Dr. Horowitz's spa in Hawaii was forced into a fraudulent foreclosure by a corrupt attorney conspiring with a gang of criminals, and we aim to STOP THEM! These frauds have used forgeries, falsified business records, fake addresses and signatures, and a concealed extortionist, to literally steal the sacred property stewarded by Dr. H. The group of evil doers, helped by the ridiculously-corrupt Third Circuit Court in Hawaii, is led by a hallucinating attorney, Paul J. Sulla, Jr, heavily involved in drug trafficking!

The spa property being threatened Dr. Horowitz calls "The Kingdom of Heaven"--a sacred place featuring Hawaii's only lava-heated steam saunas and geothermal bathing pools for healing persons and our planet. There is an incredible link between ancient Hebrews and ancient Hawaiians that this property is serving to reveal. That's why it, and Dr. Horowitz, are under attack by the forces of evil. (Read: "'Count Your Blessings:' The Real Meaning of 'MANNA'"and "ALOHA."

So despite these menaces, and their foreclosure actions, and because of the GREAT NEWS and "Meaning of MANNA," Dr. Horowitz is still planning to host his healing retreat in "The Kingdom of Heaven" this holiday season.

So please pray for the arrest of these criminals, who are currently under police investigation for falsifying business records.

Many blessings,

Healthy World Staff

"LOVE/528" Vibration Purifies Polluted Gulf: Researchers Observe Oxygen Bubbling Up From Sound Waves for Purification

"A series of sounds played to oil polluted water from the Gulf of Mexico has "miraculously" cleared test samples of the deadly petrochemicals, says a well known Canadian researcher.

According to John Hutchinson, an electro-magnetic energy expert from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, a selection of "music" has helped purify poisoned water.

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