Friday, November 19, 2010

11-19 Cholesterol is NOT THE PROBLEM Oxidation is. Cholesterol is a cellular band-aid for oxidation, dehydration & much more.


Why the contradictions on Cholesterol in this article ie it is needed to be healthy then all of a sudden it is good to take probiotics to eat it?

I know probiotics are good for us, but I have discovered that Cholesterol is not the problem, but oxidation that leads to the increase in Cholesterol IS THE PROBLEM from Sally Fallon President of the non profit site for Weston A Price at

Cholesterol is like the fireman who comes to put out a fire. The medical mafia links the increase in cholesterol like the increase in fireman with oxidation like fires. That is the AMA blame the fire on the fireman. Why? For profits from the next thing you will need from the cholesterol lowering drugs, which lower your ability to put out the fires within your body. More diseases that the drug cartel is only too willing to profit from by offering more symptom suppressing toxic chemistry instead of nutrition deficiency and metabolic imbalance correction. Not to mention all the other side effects like memory loss as your brain is made up by about 50% by weight cholesterol says Dr Joel Wallach on his tape "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" and "Trust Me I'm a doctor". This then leads to you losing your mind ie Alzheimer's.

We all know anti-oxidants are good for us, that is because they put out the fires or oxidation. Too much oxidation leads to disease. Oxidants from heavy metals like Mercury in the so called silver teeth fillings are about 50% Mercury and do leak contrary to Dental propaganda. Mercury is also in our seas contaminating our seafood to levels where no seafood should be consumed. Yet when you now call a vaccine company too find out if there vaccine has mercury, they will say 'oh you can get more or as much mercury from fish' like that is supposed to mean the vaccine is safe. What a joke as neither are. By the way mercury is not the only concern with vaccines go to to learn more. Other oxidants are chemical pollutants in our environment, including the aluminum, barium in chemtrails and many more outlined in Sherry Rodgers M.D. book Detoxify or Die and somewhat covered by her in my blog belows embedded video of her speaking.

Although I would agree if the article linked at the top of this blog said that the probiotics are eating up the cholesterol after it has served its purpose and been replaced by something else more suitable by the bodies cells. I say this because as you will find out more below you may need to read first to understand this.

Oxidized Cholesterol I theorize may be ok to be eaten up if our bodies cells replaced it with something better. Or if the oxidized cholesterol was oxidized by attaching itself to a toxin like a heavy metal but free in the blood stream not attached to any cells, then that would be ok if it where eaten by probiotic bacteria.

Oxidized Cholesterol I have heard from Dr Joel Wallach in his tapes (see below) I am sure does mention comes in the form of natural food products like eggs and milk that have been processed and turned into powder, thereby exposing it to air oxygen leading to oxidation.

Another thing that leads to higher cholesterol is dehydration according to Dr Batman. He shows in his book "The Bodies Many Cries for Water" that cholesterol will come in and be used to patch up the cell to conserve water during dehydration. In the below link you will find 3 videos of his Water Cure.

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