Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sedona Vortex tour guide & Soul Recovery guide Blue Cloud

I just had a request for my videos to go up from my 2006 early to mid June Vortex tour with Blue Cloud in Sedona. I did promise to put them up in this blog

I just emailed Blue Cloud for an interview on my Blog Talk Radio and permission to share the videos I took of the vortex tour he gave me. I just searched and found him on the net here
click on Nibiru-Atlantis and Soul Recovery here or in his page linked above in the top under the heading.
Co-Founder a Native American Shamanic School specializing in Soul Recovery Workshops. The School is located in Three Rivers California

I also found his books related to the current events here

JAPAN and Edgar Cayce Prophesy

Comet Elenin and the Blue Star Prophesy

Ascension,The Path of Soul Recovery

Atlantis the Submerged Continent

In the tour he gave me It certainly seemed like he had more to share and these books above are certainly confirmation of that.

Only just now an hour or more after we awoke my wife mentioned this dream. When we awoke or I woke her up I talked about Blue Cloud, but after my emailing him and Angela finding his books above did Angela talk about her weird dream. She dream t that I put an antenna in 1 of her hands and a pillow over the other and straight away I said sounds like orgone energy/ electricity. She went on and said a native American came with a big blue device aimed it down at her and she got scared and worried that I did not protect her, but then the guy pressed a button on it and shot electricity out of it to her antenna. He then said now you are charged up to be able to move things with your mind and so put down a rock and said try to move that with your mind and she did look down and it moved away. So this is all seeming like divine timing to me, lol, especially with the Spring Equinox blogged below.

Funny because of what I experienced with Blue Cloud and his Orgone Energy devices for his plants and his and his sons crystals they used to walk with. I got into Orgone energy after that trip in 2006 more so or for the 1st time with the Orgone powered Joe Water Fuel Cell for Cars and Trucks. I had actually downloaded at least 1 video of it just before I went to Blue Cloud and then got into it heavily after that. Funny that isn't it. You will of course find a playlist on UFO TECH and more on Orgone energy in my youtubes playlists if you are interested.

I have a feeling this was revealed at the right divine time and I may even get an interview with Blue cloud tonight or tomorrow if I am lucky.

We had both planned on going to Sedona around April to mid this year from mid last year. If you care to check my talkshoes with Druanna you might find me saying that.

It certainly is all very interesting to say the least.

I just read it and so funny how we went to Coral Castle 10-21-2010 for our kundalini experiences, which has numerological significance that we never planned on, ie 1-21-21 if you take out the 0's. I also used to do talkshoes at 1221pm or something 21 because of what I had learned from Michael Tsarion on 11 and 22 and do I thought well 1221 has both. We also got married on 12-21-2010 but I was trying for 12-12 but it was just too soon and hey 12-21 worked out great with the start of the golden age and the summer equinox, lol.

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