Monday, March 21, 2011

3-15 Ben Fulford on Japan attack

Sorry for the lateness of this but I like to think we all knew and suspected who might have been behind this. At times I choose not to share the bad news. Thereby not giving it our energy. Some may get into fear or hate and blame over news like this so that is why I did not share it or news like this for the purpose in my heading, and in helping us to ascend. I am now almost totally focused on the good, as you will see with my regular Komurosan youtube channel updates I get into, and favorite, and add to my 1-GFL Komurosan playlist. I can not get enough of it. I am almost totally over the bad news as I know what it does to me ie it does not make me feel good and it does not help in focusing on it.

I do not buy into the whole fear campaign since waking up to it with the WW3 rumors, Alex Jones, Swine Flu, Carbon Tax, Financial collapse, BP Gulf disaster creating a Tsunami and Martial Law (see my 1st ever blog for this and AJ analysis).

Please also check my latest youtube (in LINKS) favorites for Ben Fulford's interview with Project Camelot days ago about the Japan attack.

Nuclear reactors causing Japan radiation build by Rockefeller controlled GE Top
It may be no coincidence that the nuclear reactors now exploding in Japan were all designed by the Rockefeller family controlled General Electric Corporation. It is also probably no coincidence that 24 members of the Rockefeller clan are now hiding in an underground shelter in India. Recently a Rockefeller agent in Japan told me of a plan to build 500 nuclear reactors in China and then blow them up with an earthquake machine in order to “depopulate China.” It is critical to make sure there is no possibility of further active sabotage of the plants either by the use of human agents or else by the use of computer hacking. Is David Icke a Rockefeller?

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20010315: Illuminati Earthquake attack on Tokyo was deflected, England and the United States are the next target Top
The earthquake and tsunami attack on Japan by the criminal corporate Washington D.C. cabal was meant to intimidate the people of the world into submission. Instead, it has provoked a threat by a very powerful group outside of the control of the White Dragon Society to “sink England, Italy and the United States into the ocean.” The White Dragon Society and its allies are appealing for calm and a negotiated solution before the planet earth is destroyed. High level negotiations aimed at accomplishing exactly this are now taking place in Tokyo and Osaka. Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis

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