Friday, March 18, 2011

Miracle Mineral Solution can save you $690/year with comparitive products

I have compared this product with 2 other products with similar actions as the MMS aka Miracle Mineral Supplement.
  1. anti-microbials ie anti-biotic colloidal silver costing about $30 per month. But remember you can not take colloidal silver for long term as it does kill good bacteria as well I have heard
  2. Zeolite which removes heavy metals from the body at more then $30/mth
  3. Far Infra Red Sauna from $900 to $4000 [click my Health labeled blogs in LINKS for more on this]
  4. Quantronic Resonance System $4000 [click my Health labeled blogs in LINKS for more on this]
But just looking at the 1st 2 basic products totaling $60/mth or more over 12 months is $720. MMS only costs about $30 and can last for about 1 year for average somewhat healthy people taking maintenance protocols. 4 US fl oz=118 ml and each ml has about 20 drops so 118ml x 20 drops/ml = 2360 drops then divide by 365 days = 6.5 drops/day. Find the protocols here

Click the color MMS banner at the top to learn more and watch the videos of inventor Jim Humble interviewed by Project Camelot years ago and a 2nd more recently. Where you can also buy some from $27.30 till the end of March with FREE SHIPPING. Normal price from $32.30 with FREE SHIPPING.

I was introduced to the product back in 2007 and since heard of a few friends stories of success with cancer, AIDS, pain, PMS, flus and more. I wish I had more time to share the many benefits of this product because I think it truly is a Miracle Mineral Solution/Supplement. Thanks to Jim Humble.

Please share your MMS stories by commenting or email and tell me if i can blog it.

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